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Did Link or Mido say this?

Apr 16, 2021
In OOT, there's an interaction between Link and Mido that makes it look like Link could have said a full on sentence instead of just implied responses, but it's kind of unclear whether it's said by him or not.

Screenshot 2021-09-19 12.36.12 AM.png

Screenshot 2021-09-19 12.36.18 AM.png

v This is the line I'm talking about.
Screenshot 2021-09-19 12.36.22 AM.png

Screenshot 2021-09-19 12.36.29 AM.png

I myself just assumed this was Mido talking, but it could certainly make sense for Link too. It would be a bit of an odd choice considering that (to my memory) they don't do this anywhere else in the game, but either way this proves that Link does talk regularly to other people (whether it's shown or just implied that he said something by Mido's response). I see a lot of people saying Link never talks in the games but there's a lot of times where he's implied to but it's not explictly shown, it seems like something that would be obvious but I'm kinda surprised how many people don't realise it. Either way I'm just curious on what people think about this in particular, cause I thought it was interesting when I saw it.


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Sep 29, 2020
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Huh, never thought about it that way. What's funny is I consider that Link one of the least likely to speak, especially to Mido.
Oct 6, 2016
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Yeah, 99.9% chance it's Mido that says it.

I always read Mido's ''You're right, I don't have my equipment ready'' as ''You're right, I don't have MY(emphasis on the my) equipment ready'', as if Link is asking him how he can say that and not have HIS equipment; in other words, Link calls him out essentially for being hypocritical(although this is implied and we, the players, don't actually SEE the exact response, just like all the other times Link is implied to communicate with people just fine), and Mido is responding to that. On the other hand, maybe it's a weird NoA localization quirk?
Sep 8, 2021
You're right. There is actually no way for US to know who said that line. It'd be interesting if you found more quotes where Link could be speaking. Anyway, you could make sense of this theory if Link was unaware of Ganondorf's curse. He probably wouldn't understand why he would need protection in the first place.
Jan 11, 2021
Shoddy Japanese translation incoming;
English version:
How do you think you're going to
help the Great Deku Tree without
both a sword and shield ready?

What? You're right, I don't have
my equipment ready, but...

Japanese version:
  剣(けん)と 盾(たて)ぐらい
 持ってなくちゃ デクの樹サマの
  お手伝いなんて できないゼ!

 ま、オイラも 持ってないけどナ…

Google translated version:
About a sword and a shield
I have to have it
I can't help you!

Well, I don't have an oiler, but ...

I think the word oiler is supposed to be equipment. More importantly, the use of the word "well" confirms that Mido is responding to Link pointing out that he doesn't have equipment either. So Link canonically says something here, in order to get the response from Mido in the first place. We just don't see it.
Oct 6, 2016
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I took a shot at translating, but my Japanese is limited.

I got:

''I can't help you with the Deku Tree unless you have a Sword and Shield.

Well, I don't have one either...''

So, it seems like Mido really is responding to whatever Link said, as what pretty much all of us expected, I assume(depending on whether this translation is accurate).


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I agree with Mido having said this, although there isn't that much in the way of concrete proof either way, aside from Links usual lack of dialouge other than implied speaking. I think this line makes more sense if you read it as
"What? You're right, I dont have my equipment ready, but... if you want to pass through here, you should at least equip a Sword and a shield!"
This way you read it as him stopping to think for a second before justifying his lack of equipment. Some points going either way-
(Mido) The line specifically says "I dont have my equptment..." The sword and shield link collects dont belong to him, we kind of just find them in kokiri village. The shield is in the shop, but the sword is in a chest with a sign near it claiming it belongs to the brothers, some of Mido's Lackeys.
(Link) "How do you think you're going to help the Great Deku Tree without a sword and shield ready" is something we know Mido says. The thing is, Mido isn't going to help the great deku Tree. Therefore, he doesnt need to have his equiptment ready and has no reason to be all defensive about it.
(Link) I just can't picture Mido knowingly admitting that Link was right about something.
Oct 10, 2017
While I think the intent is that Link says a lot in this game, I think Nintendo was still pondering the idea of giving Link a voice. Now that they have settled on keeping him silent, this could be retconned to him using very obvious gestures. a lot could be said with a look and a wave.

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