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Did Being on Two Systems Hurt This Game?

Oct 18, 2008
In my coffin
As we all know Twilight Princess was originally meant to be a game only for the GameCube.

But the games release date kept getting pushed back.
It eventually got pushed back to the point that Nintendo was getting ready to release there next system.

Nintendo then decided to make both a Wii verson, and a GameCube verson.

I actually believe that this decision hurt the game.
I think at this point that Nintendo toned down the game's difficulty.

So what does everyone else think?
Do you think that releasing the game for both the Wii and GameCube hurt it, or do you think that it helped the game?


The King
Aug 18, 2009
I don't think it hurt the game, but I don't think it help the game either. I think it didn't change much things about the game itself. They just transfered it on the Wii and that's all.
Oct 26, 2008
I don't see how producing it on two different consoles could tone down the difficulty, Many other games have been produced over several consoles and the only thing it did was boost sales.

This also allowed for people who don't/didn't have the Wii or Gamecube to get the game on their current console (unless they didn't have either at all but that isn't important).

I think it helped the game, It helped it get more sales and popularity. This is a good thing for Nintendo and Twilight Princess.


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Feb 2, 2009
I don't think it hurt the quality of the game at all. It was nice knowing that the game was on two consoles, so people with just the GameCube could get the GameCube one and vise versa for the Nintendo Wii.

Putting it only on the Nintendo Wii could've sold heaps of Nintendo Wiis, but overall, selling it on two consoles seemed to work well. It's all about the money, kids. :xd:
Dec 14, 2008
Louisiana, USA
Difficulty of the game itself can't be counted as a factor. WW is still the easiest of the 3D titles, and I don't think a jump in difficulty was going to happen in TP after what had been established in WW. So no, I don't think having it on two systems hurt it at all. In fact, as far as the sale for the game itself, not Wiis, it helped. There are many Game Cube owners that didn't have to save up 300 dollars for it. Just buy it on the Game Cube. I'm sure this encouraged more sales. The only problem I see with it is that it wasn't a true Zelda Wii game. Which is why I look forward to the Wii title for than ST. I really want a top notch Wii game.


Guy What's Angry Now
May 15, 2009
It's a secret to everybody.
Since the Wii only makes $6 apiece on console sales, they tend to make up the difference with games. Releasing TP as a Wii exclusive would likely have been detrimental to overall sales- many people I know play the GC only, and a bunch more have both.
May 16, 2008
Kentucky, USA
Having this game on two systems did not hurt it at all. If anything (and I say that because I don't know the exact numbers), it helped it. Wii launched with a Zelda title. How epic is that? Of course, since the Wii was and still is so wildly popular, a Zelda launch title is gonna sell like crazy, and it did.

The Gamecube version (which I had reserved at Gamestop originally, the switched it to Wii version), would have sold only a little more if it had just came out on GC. And that would be because the Zelda Fans would not have it to play on their Wii. In the end, the Gamecube was going out, and TP was gonna be its last big hurrah. No one cared enough about the GC anymore to buy TP for it. Releasing it on Wii was the smartest thing to do.

Caleb, Of Asui

Porting it to the Wii definitely didn't hurt it at all. I seriously doubt they'd tone down the difficulty just because it's on Wii. I'm sure it did boost sales, as with any game released on multiple consoles. If it had only been on one or the other, some people would not have bought it because they don't own that console.

It not only helped it in sales, however. The Wii version gave us a nice taste of what Zelda will look like on the Wii in the future, and it was a whole lot of fun to play. There have been so few Nintendo games for Wii (looking at their traditional series'), it would have seemed very desolate without Twilight Princess. I probably wouldn't have had a Wii for another year if Twilight Princess hadn't been on it, and I'm sure something similar applies to a lot of people, so that would mean that the Wii version boosted sales of the Wii itself.

Waker of winds

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Jun 9, 2009
Mexico, si señor.
I played the GC version first.
I thought that the GC version was easier. Or maybe it was that way
because I played the GC version too much?

Well, anyway. I was so confused when I played the Wii version!:S

Hope this did not happened to anyone else.

I think it was a good move to say good-bye to the CG with such a good game. But it was something unexpected, because it never happened in other games.


There's a Bazooka in TP!
Feb 28, 2009
Ontario, Canada
I don't think it hurt either. It may have been a bit odd to release a major 1st party title as one of a system's final games, but it could only have helped get it to more people as the Wii was not easily available at the beginning to play it on.

If anything, I would have originally thought it being released on the GC would hurt the sales of the Wii because people had the option to play it on a system the already owned as opposed to being forced to buy a new system to play it. Of course, we all know NOW that Wii really didn't need any help from TP to get people buying, but before it's release, it seemed odd to be offering people a chance to save money to play it.
Feb 27, 2009
In my mind it would help it. Because some people only own the GC, and some such as myself only own the Wii, and then you have to people that have both, and want to have it for the GC, and Wii, I think that this helped Twilight Princess by pushing to more then just one system. And giving people a better chance to get it on the system they want it.


Like a river's flow, it never ends...
Jun 2, 2009
Honestly I agree with most people here who said that TP wasn't hurt by being on two game systems. I see it as a smart move by Nintendo when they put it on two different systems. For one thing it gave more people the option of what version of the game to get. If was only released on just the Gamecube or just the Wii, it would be a mess considering that in order to get that game the person would have to have that exact game system to play it. With it being on two systems, people didn't really have to worry so much about getting a game system along with TP at the same time.

Another thing I believed it helped with was how the games were so different control-wise. Some people probably weren't very sure about the new controls that the Wii gave players to work with. With the Gamecube version, those players that didn't want to jump headfirst into the Wii control mechanisms could play that game and stay comfortable with the way they've been playing Zelda for years (or for beginners playing for the first time). The Wii version gave players who wanted something different a new way to play Zelda other than just pressing various buttons. It also gives players a way to figure out what the next Zelda game is going to be like control-wise.


Corrupted Idiot
Aug 20, 2009
The Netherlands
I agree also with the people who said it didn't hurt. In the first case why should it hurt? Twilight Princess was a launch game because they released Twilight Princess on the same day as the Nintendo Wii. Which means people had to buy a Wii first to play Twilight Princess. And i also think it's a little bit because the controls. But i was really exited about the new controls on the Wii. I bought a Wii with Twilight Princess for the new controls, and i really liked it. Anyway i thought Twilight Princess would be released on the Game Cube first, they said the Wii version is mirrored.

But releasing it in 2 systems was not stupid. People who can't pay for a Nintedo Wii could buy the GameCube version. I also think it's about the money.


Airbending Slice!
Dec 6, 2008
New Albany, Indiana
I have the wii version and it's a pain to play. I don't know why they don't let you plugin a normal controller for it. Seriously, the wii version control's suck.

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