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Did Anyone else Have a Hard Time Finding Rupees in SS?

Sep 4, 2011
i know i realized i spelt his i meant her. i thought they were like married so i meant to say her husband. hes like all happy at the store and at night hes depressed lol.
Jul 14, 2012
No I found it easier than finding my socks. :lol: I know for some people that's hard. :lol: Oh I must freak some of you out, I'm sooo sorry. :lol:


The Altruist
Jul 23, 2011
Mishima Tower
Now that you mention it, I really did had a rough time finding enough rupees for even the smallest things in the game. I really do hope that the rupee system could be edited more reasonable in the next Zelda game.
Apr 16, 2010
I don't think it was too hard to find Rupees in SS. It was somewhat, but I think this slight difficulty was magnified by the fact that wallet upgrades were easily acquired in SS. When there's more room in your wallet, you want to fill it all up, and it's harder to do. In a game like OoT, where you have a 99- or 200-Rupee wallet, the Rupees falsely appear more abundant because your wallet is filled to the brim more often and any Rupees you find can't be keeped. But then in SS, you are generally able to keep all the Rupees you find, so you want them more, making them seem harder to find.

Also, in SS, there's more to spend your Rupees on. The upgrade system and just the sheer fact that there was more items to purchase emptied out your wallet more often, and made having Rupees a bit more of a necessity. If you wanted to buy one or more of the plethora of items, it was imperative to collect Rupees, which made collecting Rupees seem a bit tedious, and thus made it seem as if finding Rupees harder; and also, with the aforementioned added wallet space, items generally cost more in SS, so more Rupees needed to be collected.

Overall, Rupees were just as easy to find in SS, in my opinion, but they were made more of a necessity and carried a false sense of rarity.

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