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Dec 22, 2011
I have this crush who goes to my church but I can never ask her out because she's always with her friends:(


Zelda Masta
Nov 4, 2011
Canada EH
love has never been my thing. I dont know if its because i cant find the right girl or if everybody thinks im wierd *sigh* hahaha


Dec 22, 2011
with Pit and link
i love u pit and link!!!! =3

well, right now, i have a crush on a year 12 student since around october last year. i like him because he.....:embarrassed:


TwentyThree is Number One
Jul 23, 2011
That depends...
I currently do not have a crush on, but am in love with this girl in my school. Her name is Tiffany (I call her Tiff-Tiff), and we're currently good friends. The only Asian in the school (I have a thing for them, idk why). Best of my luck, she has the hots for some other ponce :mad: I guess that's how things go. I ain't even mad though, because just seeing her and talking to her make me happy.


Jun 27, 2011
New Jersey
Well, ever since I've been on ZD, I've always loved gerudogirl. She is the funniest person I've had ever met.

Where are you, sweetie? I miss you!!!


shoegaze girl
Feb 22, 2010
New Albany, Indiana
I've recently started jokingly calling myself "Forever alone" or a "hopeless loner", mostly due to the fact that I've never really been in any non-platonic relationship of any sort. Being a nerd, you aren't noticed my many people, which basically explains my predicament. Also, for the record, when I say "hopeless loner," I don't mean literally hopeless, I mean just right now. Later on, when social status is irrelevant in life, I'll probably find someone.

Anyways, I've 'liked' a small handful of people before. Some on ZD (I won't say who), but mostly from school/church.
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Angel of Darkness
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Jan 31, 2010
Yahtzee, Supernatural
Angel of Darkness
No crushes here yet. I do have a very close male friend I do a lot of things with like watching TV and having dinner. He often comes over here at my house and when he comes he leaves way after midnight. He can easily stay from 1pm till 4 am. We both are Hockey freaks (he is a Ducks fan and I love the Flyers) and we watch Hockey (time difference since we both are in Europe) till 4 or 5 am. He spent the last two Christmas with me. We even went to Hamburg together and had a huge lot of fun in the train. People around us think we are an item. I ahve been asked like 15 times already if he was my boyfriend and we often talk about this together. There is really a very special and deep friendship between us (he just told me on my FB page he will be coming this Friday watching Playoffs Hockey) and he is way younger than me but somehow we fit each other's personality. We plan on going on a holiday through the US together. We just have great chemistry in any kind of ways. We are like a couple but without having a relationship.

Creepy fact is a short while back we were saying the same thing at the same time (what we do often) and we started to clap at the same time and made the same noise at the same time and while having dinner in another town we both mentioned the name of an australian motorgp driver at the same time
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Oct 9, 2009
Ponyville, Equestria ('murica irl)
Oh, where to start.....
Well, when I was around three or four, my aunt and (now) uncle were getting married. I was ring bearer, and one of my friends was flower girl. We thought it was our wedding! :lol: And then, when I was in second grade, I had a crush on a girl named Skyler. I used to pass her notes ALL the time, and she would blush. A LOT. When I was in sixth grade, I did the "secret admirer" thing with a girl named Maddie. (By the way, don't EVER try that. You will FAIL.) When I revealed myself, she said she wasn't interested in boys yet... :/ Anyway, last year, I met a girl named Haley. We quickly became friends, and then boyfriend and girlfriend. But then she broke up with me... >.< But, since she joined the forums in early 2010, I've had feelings for the user babygoku. However, she hardly ever gets on, now... :(
Well I've never been in love (thankfully) and like to think I've outgrown crushes. To be honest I don't think I'm too interested in a relationship with anyone as I am. I'm young, why would I want to hinder my potential by getting into a relationship? If the right person comes along I'd have no problem accepting them into my life but I'm not searching for anyone special right now.

People make too bug of a deal out of love especially at such as young age as early teens and, even when I was that young, it annoyed the hell outta me. "Lighten up!" I'd always hear myself saying "you've got an entire lifetime to find the right girl. Don't spend the rest of it moping over just one of the wrong ones!" I also think that the word love is far too overused nowadays. But to fight against that is a losing battle so I try not to get too aggravated when I hear yet another girl saying "I LOVE my boyfriend! It's out 2 week anniversary tomorrow."

LOL, I'm about to graduate college but I also see that kind of thing a lot still. I have a friend (more of an acquaintance, were aren't that close) who a few weeks ago got into a relationship with a girl and the two are now constantly professing undying love for each other. Makes me want to gag :P

Love is a pretty nebulous concept that is hard to explain. I am very young for sure, but I have been in a relationship for half a decade now and I think I have learned a little from it. It's a lot different then infatuation and 'puppy' love, that's for sure. Early in a relationship, during that honeymoon faze, it's like a flame. It's all lovey-dovey, like a chick-flic romance or Backstreet Boys love songs type of thing.

Mature love is a lot different though. It's like two trees, they were once separate but after a long time, through growth and change, their roots become intertwined. From above the ground it looks like two separate trees. However, from under ground we can see that they have become so intertwined they cannot be separated, one cannot live without the other. In removing one you kill both trees. At the end of the day it isn't about hearts and flowers anymore (though romance always has it's place), it's about looking into their eyes and realizing that they are your best friend, a friend that is truly and deeply a part of you. Two parts of one greater whole.
Sep 11, 2011
it's my girl's birthday next week!!!!!!!

anyway yeah uh i asked the girl i liked out and we went out for like a week and then her parents said she can't have a boyfreind till' she's 16 :( but she'll be 14 next week and i'll wait till' she's 16 because i love her :D p.s. she likes zelda games as well b-day present suggestions anybody?

Luke's Wife

peaked in 2015
Aug 15, 2011
the abyss
wouldn't you like to know, weather boy

well, I have a crush on somebody right now,(this is like my 2nd crush of all time. I don't crush very often but when I do it's for a lonnnggggg time.) but my brain is an epic troll and cursed me with social anxiety and extreme awkwardness and I an unable to speak to him :$$
I think somebody had a crush on me once, and I sorta liked him but it got really weird and I ran away with flailing arms...
Love...well...I might be in love right now, I'm not really sure...

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