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DC or Marvel?

Apr 16, 2010
Apart from Batman, DC doesn't have anyone that intrigues me profoundly. Batman is my second favorite superhero; I love his bad*** personality, the Batman cartoons, and of course, The Dark Knight (and The Dark Knight Rises looks really good). That being said, no one else from DC sparks my interest. I like the Flash because he's fast, the Green Lantern because he's green, the Martian Manhunter because he just sounds cool, and Superman because of his iconicism and the song "Kryptonite," but that's about it.

And then there's Marvel. As I'm sure many of you know, I absolutely love Spider-Man. He's, in my opinion, the coolest superhero and I just can't get enough of him. I'm also a big fan of the Avengers members, specifically Captain America, Iron Man, and the Hulk. Captain America's demeanor and leadership qualities are unmatchable, and I like how he uses his iconic shield for everything. Iron Man I admire because of how he created his powers instead of receiving them by any other means; the fact that he's a genius, billionaire, philanthropist with a great sense of humor makes him great. And the Hulk I like because of my aforementioned adoration of the color green, and because of his predicament; often times I find myself in the same situation as him: I either contain my anger or unleash my fury; I've even been compared to the Hulk by some people in real life because of those aspects of him.

So, basically, DC has Batman and the iconicism, but Marvel is too well-rounded to be challenged, in my opinion; and they have Spider-Man, which is enough to receive my preference alone.
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Marvel are the more rounded and balanced of the two and aren't as awfully tacky as DC can be. DC really is just Batman and his colourful enemies and allies, the rest of the DC roster kind of just keep a steady pace a few miles behind him.

On the Marvel side of things though their universe is like liquid, i recently read the Spider Island event (which i loved, Mary Jane = wow <3) but there were about 30 other heroes in there along with spiderman and it made for a bit of a chaotic read, but it was still enjoyable.

DC though, when they're good, they're better than Marvel. The whole Death of Superman back in the 90s and countless Batman Graphic Novels like Arkham Asylum really show what the medium can do in terms of sophistication, experimentation and true enjoyment and profoundness. DC seem to be a bit braver than Marvel too and take risks with the conception of characters, you really won't find anything like The Green Lantern in Marvel, but the gamble of having bizarre characters like GL doesn't always pay off and a lot of DC characters IMO aren't used enough or properly, whereas Marvel seems to be able to keep an impressive balance without many characters overshadowing each other, (even if the Marvel universe does seem to revolve around SPiderMan).

But with all that said, the Graphic novel/comic book world has other great publishing bodies out there too; publishers like IDW put out some awesome stuff and there are also Dark Horse, Top Cow and Dynamite who have some awesome characters like Aspen from Michael Turner's Fathom, Painkiller Jane (a personal fave), The Darkness and Witchblade, all of which have helped to shape the medium alongside DC and Marvel with a bit of diversity form the superhero norm. =] And i actually prefer to read something other than superheroes every once in a while.


1. The Indies - for diversity
2. Marvel - for decent balance
3. DC - for Batman :P

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