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Ocarina of Time Completing the Shadow Temple and Bottom of the Well Without the Lens of Truth?

Oct 16, 2011
Well if your doing a glitched run where you skip most of the temple you never really need it. I beat bong bong today (just got 3D) without lens to change it up and it is really quite easy to do. I think the would be harder than the temple.


Mad haters lmao
May 26, 2010
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It's hard as hell, beating Shadow Temple without the Lens, but it's also so much fun. With trial and error and a few test runs, anyone can master it I'm sure. But knowing which rooms to go in and all that jazz...I don't know how to explain it. Bongo Bongo screws me up all the time though, with or without the Lens. At one point I played a double damage v1.0 hack, he obliterated me in seconds (when one of the hands goes to grab you; I don't know how to escape that scenario).
Nov 26, 2008
You guys don't need to keep saying it's possible. My first post said I actually did it. :P

I've done it at least five times. Most of those were 3 heart runs or minimalist runs- I struggle with Bongo Bongo though. The lens doesn't make a difference though for me on Bongo Bongo because I remember dying at him on my first ever 3 heart run with the lens. I've just never got the hang of him, and for some reason he seems even harder in OOT 3d.

The trick with shooting the hookshot into the floor is what I use a lot because there are 2 places I still have trouble with- going across the invisible moving platforms is really hard and crossing to the Boss door. There are a couple of other tricks like moving the statue in the first room- if you wear the hover boots, you can avoid falling and taking damage. In the room with the invisible spikes on the floor, wearing the hover boots let's you walk over the spikes safely. Also it's a ton easier in OOT 3d because the hookshot shows you where hookshot targets are. In the n64 version the red dot only moves very slightly toward you because the targets stick out slightly. It takes practice to notice the subtle difference.

Usually when I do a minimalist run I treat the Bottom of the Well as an optional dungeon so I never enter it or even get the song of storms. Skipping it requires you to know the way through the Haunted Wasteland which is tough to learn but easy once you do it once.

I definitely recommend doing Shadow without the lens, Water without the Zora Tunic, Fire without the Goron Tunic, and reaching Spirit without the lens for someone looking for new challenges in the game.. All of these are possible without the use of a single glitch and make the game much harder.
...Why would you do it that many times? :xd: Yeah, those are two areas I had a lot of trouble with too. The rest I could figure out. That's interesting about the OoT and OoT3D Hookshot difference though. I don't have OoT3D yet, so I didn't know about that.

When I did my minimalist run, I insisted on actually completing the dungeons, so aside from the stuff I'd need the Scarecrow's Song for, I 100%ed the dungeons. I feel like that's only fair. You skip upgrades and items but you still do the entire dungeon. That's how I look at it anyway. So I did all the dungeons.

Those are some interesting challenges. I thought about doing the dungeons without the tunics, but I didn't think it would be possible. Then again I was on a minimalist run already, so I had three hearts. Is it possible with that few hearts, or...?

I would think using the Hookshot and Hover Boots in extra places just to make it easier spoils the spirit of the minimalist run. You might as well pull the lense out in those places.
How else would you get through? You'd have to perfectly memorize everything's location from previous playthroughs of the game. And using those items to try to spot the illusions is nothing like using the Lens of Truth. A huge part of it is still guesswork, and it makes the dungeon a lot harder.

Well if your doing a glitched run where you skip most of the temple you never really need it. I beat bong bong today (just got 3D) without lens to change it up and it is really quite easy to do. I think the would be harder than the temple.
We're not talking about glitched runs. :P We're talking about just doing the dungeon without the Lens, like for the challenge. Bongo-Bongo though, he's not really changed much by avoiding using the Lens. What makes him hard is doing him with only 3 hearts. He's slightly harder without the Lens, because I found it tricky to aim at him when he charges straight at you; I didn't know his exact position so I'd miss, and he does 3 hearts worth of damage if he hits you... :xd:
Oct 11, 2010
It's a lot easier to pull this off once you've been through the game several times. It is definitely possible to beat the game without it.

P.S. Try the Uber Challenge on GameFAQs, one of the requirements is going Lens-less for the whole game, even going through the Haunted Wasteland.
Dec 30, 2011
The first time i ever played i had no idea that i was suppose to get the lens, so i beat the game without it, and i suppose that was why it was so hard to me back then... especially bongo bongo, my sisters couldnt even beat him and they knew about the lens. but that made it more difficult than anything else in the game.

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