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General Zelda Changing the Origin of Link

What Race Would You Choose?

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Jul 1, 2012
Before everyone attacks me, I know Link is Hylian and the Hero is always born from a Hylian descent and so on but what if Link was to have a different background, more specifically if he wasn't Hylian but he originated from a different race all together?

New of my main reasons for this idea was the concept of altering Link's form by the appearance of masks within Majora's Mask. In this game we played quite a large portion while in different forms and to be honest it really worked and it felt fresh and it just gave me the idea about changing the origins of Link in terms of his race.

I'm really intrigued by races in Hyrule and I've said before I would like some more focus on them, maybe even a game based around one particular race. There have been quite a lot of races in Hyrule, some have become more staple than others but if Link where to originate from a different race, which race would you pick and why? Also how do feel about this idea and do you think it could possibly work?

Mellow Ezlo

Spoony Bard
Dec 2, 2012
I am kind of against this to be honest. It worked well in Majora's Mask, yes, but that was interchangeable. You weren't stuck being a Deku, Zora, or Goron, you could change between them at will. I do not think I would very much enjoy it if Link was permanently some race other than Hylian because we would lose a lot of the equipment he is known for. For instance:
-I don't think any of those races would wear tunics, boots, a hat, and/or chain mail.
-I don't see any of those races (except maybe Gerudo) wielding a sword and shield
-Can you imagine a Goron hookshotting from target to target? They'd probably make the target collapse

I am not saying this isn't a cool concept theoretically, I just don't think it would work in the real world. I mean it could, but I wouldn't want to see it.

Unless of course he was raised by a specific race, but didn't necessarily come from that race, I would be good with it. We've had it before, and it worked great (though that may only be because he looked like a Kokiri).


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Nov 12, 2007
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I'd want to see them all happen, to be honest. :P Hard to just pick 1 single race.

Well, I have 2 options then, with 2 thought processes behind them. The first is the most simple of the two, it would be Zora simply because that was my favourite to play as during Majora's Mask and has always been the race I like the most. The other would be Deku since, really, they're still a bit of an enigma to me; we know, round about, how Zora and Goron politics work, and have spoke at length with both races and most games have featured them quite heavily. A Goron and Zora-ish temple. Deku scrubs and the like are featured in every game too basically, in some form, but, I still don't really know much about them. And I'd like to know more about them. So, that's just my thoughts.
Feb 23, 2011
Wouldn't it be neat if one of Link's incarnations was of Sheikah descent? Imagine a game surrounding the mysteries of the Sheikah. Link explores the land of Hyrule in search for answers regarding his race and why so few of them remain. He would question his place in the world as one of the last remaining Sheikah.

Impa would be central to the plot, similar to Skyward Sword, but she'd be even more "active." The main villain would more than likely be a Sheikah who plans to betray the kingdom and, later on, reach the Sacred Realm. Based on where this tale falls in the timeline, it would be awesome if there were a character who resembled Sheik, on which Zelda's alter ego in Ocarina of Time could have been based.

In lines with the plot, Link would probably abandon his sword and shield for a bit and brandish a dagger, kunai, and other ninja-like weapons, as well as learn some stealth and forbidden techniques from Sheikah stationed (hidden) around Hyrule. His garb would be changed to appear more akin to that of a Sheikah—bearing the emblem and such—and its color scheme would be comprised of dark colors for stealth...


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Goron, zora, deku only worked well in MM. I wouldn't want to spend an entire game as one of those, they have limitations like TSter pointed out.

I voted for other, because twili. I've always been fascinated by them, and I think it would be awesome to have a situation like in OoT, where Link is orphaned and raised by twilis. He doesn't have to be one himself. This would have to be sometime after TP, maybe the gods have decided the twilis' imprisonment is up and the Twilight Realm becomes another location you can easily access like Death Mountain or Faron Woods. So some twili finds this newborn hylian all alone, maybe his parents got killed by monsters or something, and decides to save him. He grows up feeling different, like in OoT. Only instead of it being because he has no fairy, it's because he can't use magic and looks a little different. Then we have the "destiny calls" thing that sends him on his adventure. The twilis deserve more than just one game, and even in TP, we still didn't get to learn enough about them and their culture.


Mad haters lmao
May 26, 2010
Hylian Champion
I don't agree with any race bar Hylian/Terminian Hylians for Link's race. The problem is part iconographic notions and part I'm uber biased. The fact that Link has constantly - not frequently but CONSTANTLY been presented as a human-like figure just means to me that "Link", whether male or female, must be of that same sort of figure. No, I had no problems with Majora's Masl, but like TSter the Great said, those were temporary separations and we could change at will. Being stuck as any non-Hylian race would feel limiting to me. :/

Oh, and the biased part: I've been exposed to Hylians mostly and I prefer them so..yeah.

I am sure the idea could work, but I DON'T like it on mayper.


Wake Up!
Nov 13, 2012
Im all about Link being a Gerudo maybe a story when Ganon is no stranger to Link, you know. and maybe link has been seeing what ganon is plotting. and the first confrontation could be when link confronts Ganon on his intentions and ganon get pissed and what ever, i dont know, i think it would be cool, Not to mention he could still have the spirit of the hero, but just a more rebellious Link.

I also like Wolfys idea, of having a sorta Ninja Link. Im down with that, as far as the story he mentioned with it, that works for me too. Good one wolfy!
I'm gonna say Gerudo just because seeing a Gerudo Link would be massively interesting on so many levels. Link has always been a lady's man, imagine if he was the only male to be born every 100 years?.... lucky fella
Aug 25, 2012
The Hall of Darkness
I voted other as some of you have said before those other races have limitations, Link would have to be a race that has much stronger humanoid characteristics that allow for adaptation to the changing environments that often appear throughout the series, if the option had been there I would have picked sheikah.

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