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Chain Reaction! Read the Rules!

Oct 26, 2012
I have a fun one! It's like that game show Chain Reaction that used to be on GSN.


I'd start with a word, let's say Jail.
Person #2: Jail Cell
Person #3: Cell Phone
Person #4: Phone Line
Person #5: Line Dance


Don't be the one who breaks the chain! Try to be as vague as possible so that the game can continue. If no one can follow your word in a reasonable amount of time, you LOSE.

1. Proper nouns ARE allowed (Ex. Mariah Carey, Pakistan, Internet)
2. Homophones ARE NOT allowed. (Ex. Blue, Blew)
3. Different spellings ARE NOT allowed. (Ex. Laser Tag, Tagg Romney)
4. You CANNOT follow your own post.
(Ex. Linkerbelle: Hard Rock
Linkerbelle: Rock Solid)
5. Repeat words NOT allowed.
(Ex: Person #1: Good Looking
Person #2: Looking Glass
Person #3: Glass Eye
Person #4: Eye Looking (I know that doesn't make sense but you know what I mean))
6. Make sense. (Ex. Don't use "Eye Looking" because you're reaching for phrases.)


The person who breaks the chain has to post "I am not smarter than Tingle. Koola Loompa!"

:party::party::party:Game play then restarts with whomever posts the next starting word. :party::party::party:


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