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Catching Pokemon in Your Sleep


Sage of Tales
Is this appropriate here or is this more of a bloggy or general area kind of post?

Careful of playing too much before bed. I had nothing better to do so I curled in bed with a good game (like I sometimes do with a good book) and played Pokemon Y for about five hours before getting sleepy enough to return to reality.

I basically had dreams about playing the durn game! I remember waking up from a dream in which I'd caught some kind of furry half-normal/half-rock type bear or gopher-type pokemon that I'm pretty sure doesn't exist. Unless I'm actually psychic and don't know it and see something like it, later. I forget what my dreaming brain called the sucker.

Anyway, has this ever happened to you? Are you so dedicated a Pokemon trainer or hunter that you train and catch things in dreamland?

I need to stop playing videogames before bed. I want my marginally "normal" dreams back.
Feb 23, 2011
I can't say that I've ever experienced such a thing, but then again, I haven't played a decent game in quite a while. However, I have had that happen to me after playing several hours of Zelda before bed. Quite a surreal experience.


I'm baack. Who missed me?
Sep 7, 2011
United States, Michigan
I don't believe I've ever caught Pokémon in my sleep, but I do remember one weird dream with Pokémon I had. I was in a day-care and instead of getting a regular Pokémon from an egg, I would get like a hybrid of the two Pokémon I bred.


Sep 19, 2011
V2 White Male
COOOOOOOOR blimey, I sometimes fall asleep at the pub with the lads, when I'm not playing on my PC(master race) I'm playing some Pokemon cooooooooooooooooooooor, and I dreamed of Pokemon but I was also drinking with pokemon and having a rump with them. It was so weird lol!

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