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Castlevania thread; the games, Netflix show, lore/timeline stuff, etc. all welcome!

Oct 6, 2016
Manly man
Another series aside from Zelda that happens to be in my top five series is Castlevania. I always loved the atmosphere of the series, as well as the uniqueness of having a WHIP of all things being your main weapon. I love how every game in the series has a ''pick up and play'' feel. The soundtrack is banging, too.

For reference, here's the official timeline:

1094-Lament of Innocence
1476-III: Dracula's Curse
1479-Curse of Darkness
1576-The Adventure
1591-Belmont's Revenge
1698-II: Simon's Quest
1748-Harmony of Dissonance
1792-Rondo of Blood
1797-Symphony of Night
18??-Order of Ecclesia
1944-Portrait of Ruin
1999-Demon Castle War
2035-Aria of Sorrow
2036-Dawn of Sorrow

Legends, Circle of the Moon, the N64 games, Super Castlevania IV, Chronicles, Haunted Castle, Vampire Killer(MSX), Dracula X(SNES), and The Adventure Rebirth are not canon. Legends was meant to be the canonical beginning of the series, but was changed in development, and the N64 titles and CotM were always intended to be alternate universe games according to Igarashi. All the other games are retellings, and IGA has confirmed that the original tellings of each game is canon(CV1, Rondo of Blood, and The Adventure respectively). The Adventure Rebirth is especially problematic, as the plot of Belmont's Revenge hinges on Dracula surviving the events of The Adventure and biding his time, using Christopher's son to restore his full power. However, Dracula doesn't survive in Rebirth, meaning that the events of Belmont's Revenge is impossible in that timeline.
May 4, 2014
I haven't played very many and its not my favorite, but I do enjoy it.
Dracula's Curse
Simon's Quest
Circle of the Moon
Aria of Sorrow
Harmony of Dissonance
Dawn of Sorrow
Super Castlevania
Kid Dracula
Belmont's Revenge
I own Adventure but haven't tried it yet.

My absolute fave is Aria of Sorrow, and my least fave is either Bloodlines or Harmony.

I think Kid Drac is a blast, and Revenge is surprisingly fun.
Oct 14, 2013
Random point.
I don't like the 2D Castlevania games all that much. However I really liked the 3D ones. The N64 one and it's strange re-release are two of my favourite N64 games ever. I am aare the N64 games are not canon but I just like them.

I'd like to see a new 3D Castlevania game one day in a similiar style or just remake the N64 games.


Mr. SidleInYourDMs
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May 5, 2012
American Wasteland
I do really like classic castlevania but I'm not a metroidvania guy, so while I liked symphony of the night, I'm not over the moon about it [there's a pun somewhere there but I ain't taking it]

my favorites/ones I go back to the most are super castlevania 4 and dracula chronicles x for the PSP, I'm interested in giving the GBA and DS ones a shot one of these days

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