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Can you take a compliment?

Both criticisms and compliments can be difficult to take but for me personally i find it difficult to accept compliments.

I know what to do with criticism but compliments are harder to know what to do with and they can end up making me feel uncomfortable...

Are you able to take compliments well?

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I'm a pretty chill individual so I can take things in good stride, whether it's a criticism or compliment. It depends on the situation really to dicipher a compliment, if you got one it usually just means you've done something right, whether it was cracking a joke that made a person's terrible day better, or you're being very helpful and your complimented as a way for the person to show they appreciate it.


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Apr 4, 2012
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I usually don't really trust compliments... It just feels as if people are saying ncie things to be nice, not that they actually mean it. But that's probably an issue I have. I'm very self-critical, so it just feels as I'm not worth any compliment that I get unless I really feel the same myself
Jun 7, 2016
No, not really. I usually respond with something like 'oh, haha thanks' and then it gets quiet and awkward.


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Apr 8, 2019
Yeah, absolutely. I'm an appreciative individual so when people appreciate me I think it's a good thing. Even if it's something I disagree with ("Nice skin!" even though my acne is livid) I think that beauty is in the eye of the beholder so I don't bother that much. Only time I think I'd be less interested would be if someone complimented me because they have an agenda or want to butter me up for some reason, but I'm kinda bad at spotting those things so..


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Oct 28, 2012
Not really...and the strange thing is, I can't tell if it's because I'm too humble or too arrogant. It's hard to describe, but I suppose one example is that I tend not to view myself as intelligent...rather I consider myself to be "normal" and just about everyone else to be an idiot. A very unhealthy state of mind that I'm trying to get myself out of, because I've seen the toxic effects it has on other people who share it.


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Ugh, not really
I kinda have trust issues. I’ve been lied to quite a lot in my life, to a point I usually can’t really believe what people tell me even if I try to. Even the honest ones, I feel like most of the genuine compliments I’ve received either had a “but” or were backhanded ones.

Tbf, most of the time, compliments kinda happen in awkward moments, so they feel kinda off, as if the people felt obliged to say them because of some situation they’re in. So when someone compliments me in moments like these, this insecurity inside me kinda starts eating me away. Are they just being polite? Do they say the opposite behind my back? Is it pity? Is that even something that I want to be noticed for?

On the other hand, when someone just comes and gives me an unexpected and natural compliment, not to try make me feel better, nor with personal second intentions, but because they really appreciate something, oh boy. That makes my entire week so much better. I don’t even care what it was about. I won’t work on it, I won’t be proud about it, I’ll just be glad someone cares.
I’m not even sure how I usually react to those.
On the outside I prolly just shyly smile and try to change topics; maybe I get a little fidgety as if I wanted to hide somewhere nearby. On the inside it’s something that keeps repeating on my head, makes me feel warm; it’s just comforting.
Y’know, sometimes all you need are some nice words from another person when you’re not even asking for it.

Sorry about the little rant
im a little emotional today


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Jan 22, 2016
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Very much a dude.
Depends on the nature of the compliment, just like it depends on the nature of the criticism.

I don't take back-handed compliments well. If you want to insult or criticize me, just do so. If you want to give me a compliment, just do so.

Seems simple, but I prefer straightforward. I'd rather know how someone really feels than play mind games all day long.

But in general, I'll take compliments really well. I don't usually get many compliments, but when I do, it's nice. :)

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Generally, yes. Sometimes I may feel a bit awkward or embarrassed about receiving one, but I make it a point to always say thank you when I get one. It took a fair amount of time learning to just say thank you instead of brushing it off or disagreeing, and I don't intend to go back on that progress.

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