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Breath of the Wild Bring Back a Transformation


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Nov 13, 2012
So one of my favorite features ever used in a Zelda game, is being able to transform into a wolf in TP. My friend [highlight]Shadow Blade[/highlight] and I have been throwing around the Idea of a Transformation returning in a new title. No we aren't saying bring back Wolf Link, but we did both agree that Transforming into some sort of flying animal would be cool.

We already know that Zelda Wii U will have Epona, so we have our transportation on ground already for your general exploration pleasures. Think about this, in a normal Zelda game you would be exploring somewhat early in the game. A lot of times you come across an area where you know there is a secret, but do not yet have the means to retrieve said secret. And with touch screen mechanics such as the Wii U gamepad, there is almost a 100% chance that you will be able to mark positions on the map, so that you remember a secret is there later in the game when you gain a new ability. Again, in a normal Zelda title, later when you gain a new ability that you think will allow you to get to this secret (lets just say its a black boulder and you got the gold gauntlets), you would have to play some tune or find a fast travel point that usually takes you to the entrance to a dungeon, so you would warp to the closest point, then hoof it to where the secret is. With some sort of flying transformation you could simply fly to the secret, transform back to Link, and try your new ability and retrieve said secret.

The way I see it is that a horse is somewhat limited on where it can go. With some sort flying transformation you could easily get to points with out the restriction of Warp points. Another plus side to flying as apposed to warp points is that with warp points it is just that, point A to point B. Whereas with flying, you can still see the world below you, and if you see something that peaks your interest you can stop and check it out. Thats a big thing with me, is traversing the overworld and getting side tracked. You cant do that with warp points.

My idea of a Flying Transformation was pretty normal as I only mentioned an Eagle. But my buddy Shadow was more creative in that he thought it would be cool to add some sort of combat to flying, saying that the transformation could be a Phoenix or a Dragon. As soon as he mentioned it I automatically envisioned a cool boss battle based around this Flying Combat Mechanic that could be EPIC!

I just wanted to throw this out there to see what you guys thought. Any other Ideas for cool Flying transformations? How could combat play into flying around? Do you like the idea of a quick travel such as flying that allows you to still get sidetracked by things you see as apposed to Warping and missing everything in between? Or do you simply think this is a dumb idea that doesn't belong in a Zelda title? Its okay I'm a grown man, i can take it. So give me your thoughts!

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It'd be cool, but highly unlikely for a transformation type of thing to happen again, if anything it should be implemented so that you put on masks like in MM that transform into something again, like a deku scrub, or Zora... maybe even bring back the fierce dieties mask.


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Jul 6, 2011
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Yeah bring it back!
I would like to see link be able to possess and inhabit animals, like link could posess a rat or cat to sneak around small spaces, or a flying animal to take to the skys and travel to a high mountaintop.


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Feb 28, 2009
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I personally hope for no transformation to be included because I feel it's been done somewhat recently. I know TP was almost 10 years ago now, but it's only one console title removed from WiiU's Zelda.

Playing Wind Waker HD again though, I rather enjoyed being in control of a creature (namely the seagulls) for a short period of time. A mechanic like that, briefly and effectively used, would be a welcome addition. The falconer aspect of TP was interesting in that regard but it felt like a side thought that wasn't explored. Adding that in as a fuller experience could rally help bring the idea across of an adventurer scouting the land. Perhaps Link would actually make his own map from these falcon scouting missions instead of finding maps?

Perhaps I worry about a gimmick being added to the title when I feel the cross-sell this time should be about exploring Hyrule rather than "you get to turn into..." or "you get to drive a...". Not to say that the wolf transformation wasn't natural (because it was indeed great!) but sometimes I do feel like these things can become a bit gimmicky at times. I think this outing horse riding is all I need to be satisfied.

NEXT time we can transform again. :)


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Nov 29, 2010
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I like the concept of an additional transformation, but I'm not so sure about any previous transformation appearing again. The wolf was pretty important to the game it appeared in, same for the 2D painting. Instead I would like to see something new that gives a new ability not seen before in previous games. I do like how a transformation switches back and forth from ordinary Link for combat to transformed state to get around more easily or travel, maybe solve puzzles.

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