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Bosses too Easy?

Dec 14, 2008
Louisiana, USA
Sadly, this has been the case with all of the 3D Zeldas, not just TP. The hardest 3D boss whould probably have to be Gyorg from MM, but beside him, the bosses were never especially difficult when compared to the likes of the 2D titles. I do like how impressive the bosses were in TP, though. They were always massive, and had amazing designs. Not only that, but they were creative in the way the battle was fought. Stallord and Blizzeta are the two that come to mind. Had we really ever experienced battles like that in the Zelda series before? Not really. Increased difficulty is always appreciated, but I can get over it as long as the battle itself is fun and entertaining.

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Oct 14, 2009
I have to agree that the 2D bosses were much much harder. In the 3D games some bosses were hard and some were easy. The ones from Twilight Princess I would say are well, there are 13 so I would say that the number of easy bosses are 5 the 2nd, 4th, 5th , 6th, and 8th. This was just me.


Lushier than Mercy!
Apr 14, 2008
Newfoundland, Canada
I will admit this. Most of the 3D bosses are not as hard as the 2D ones. However, I do find some of the bosses to be quite difficult. Even in TP. Argorok comes to mind. I found him to be a brutal boss. It's been a while since I've played, so I can't remember exactly what it was that I found hard, but I had so much trouble with him.
And then there was Blizzeta. While she was not really hard, she still proved to be a challenge for me.I'm pretty sure I died at least once while battling her.
What I find strange though, is that (and this seems to mainly just be the case in TP) that the mini-bosses are harder than the Bosses themselves.


Yeah the 2-d bosses are harder I'll agree with you on that. I remember that one of the hardest bosses for me was well mini-boss was, Ugh forgot its name the big frog thing.
Nov 26, 2008
Yeah the 2-d bosses are harder I'll agree with you on that. I remember that one of the hardest bosses for me was well mini-boss was, Ugh forgot its name the big frog thing.
The Deku Toad. I would actually say that's one of the hardest battles in the entire game, topping most of the other mini-bosses and even most of the main bosses. It's those little guys, they're hard to avoid!

Anyway, yeah the bosses in Twilight Princess were very, very easy. I had no real difficulty with any of them, and some of them were so easy I had a harder time with regular enemies (I just completely crushed Diababa and Fyrus in seconds, they were complete jokes, even for the first two bosses).

While I would agree that in general, most of the 3D bosses tend to be easier that the 2D ones, it's not always true that they're all just easy. Some of them can be a bit challenging sometimes. WW and TP are unique in that ALL of the bosses are easy, often even easier than those of other games.

What they really needed to do was increase the aggression of the bosses and add more complexity. Give the bosses more attacks, harder to avoid ones, and make it hard to get an opening to attack. They also could have added more to the fights. An example would be making Fyrus so aggressive he couldn't be attacked safely, making it so you had to hide behind pillars (he actually won't notice you if you do this in the actual game, so I think they should have done more with it). With Morpheel they could have made it so you had to stun him with Water Bombs. There's loads of other ways they could have improved these and other bosses.

I will agree that most of the bosses have cool ideas. Especially in TP. In that game, most of the bosses were very unique and impressive, even if they were easy. But that's what upsets me. They squander the boss's potential by making them so easy. They have these great ideas but don't follow up on them. TP could have been completely amazing if it were more challenging.
Nov 16, 2009
Yeah, some of them looked so cool(Fyrus comes to mind) but were easy, or at least easier than you would expect.

Dungeon killer

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Jul 9, 2009
Destroying Dungeons.
I had to reply to this, he bosses in Tp were very easy like Axle said they had get potiental but nintendo failed to bring on the good stuff we zelda fans crave. Each boss was a let down even Zant and Ganondorf, what the heck are they doing to those great charcters, the zant boss fight was just you fighting him in different areas you have been to in hyrule. Ganondorf's was him in three froms:

Form 1
Puppet Zelda
They brought back the tennis challenge of doom, eletricfy him or get eletrified. Honestly, they could of came up with a dual like the final form you and a possessed zelda fighting sword-to-sword but then that wouldn't look good unless zelda had like armour like linebeck and bellum in Ph. Okay back on subject, but anyways this battle was easy the only thing that got me was the triforce on the ground attack which I got hit by 12 times.
This battle was easy and had the same battle plan as previous ones.
I Rate this a 3/5

Form 2
Beast Ganon
This boss battle was very creative to me, I got to give you points for that nintendo, but after you found out what you had to do to harm him, and the portals just started to get annoying, the only hard part for me was when he starts to dodge your arrows and you have to get in wolf form and take him down with Midna it was funner, but still no that good stuff that I wish for in a zelda game of those graphic and story proportions.
This battle was easy and frustrating.
I Rate this a 4/5

Side Form
Ganondorf on his Horse
This was a cool side battle I always dreamed of Link and Ganondorf fighting on there noble steads, but putting zelda in it was okay, I thought that they were going to fight with their swords but the way they did fight was okay. It was the final battle with Ganondorf in Ww you used light arrows and your master sword to beat him but instead of dying he falls off his horse.
This battle was a little hard.
I Rate this a 3/5

Final Form
Dark Lord Ganondorf
This scene was the coolest two guys with swords armed and dangerous, but only one will survive. Man this was cool, just like in Oot were you fight Ganon in a ring of fire, but now that i think of it the scenes are the same cool they reacted Oot's final dual, just with better graphics a new link and a new Ganondorf (or the same) also they are in hyrule field and Link has the master sword for the entire battle and Ganondorf is a Guerdo not a beast. I thought of this battle to bethe most epic one I have ever seen and completed.
This battle was hard at the beginning but easy after you got used to his attacks.
I Rate this a 5/5

So there are my opinions I think I may have gone of topic so I'm sorry if i did.

~Dungeon killer


I found that although all the TP bosses looked very impressive and some quite intimidating, none of them were much of a challenge. They had a very concrete and never changing pattern of attack and movement, and once you figured out how to hit them once, you simply had to rinse and repeat the formula. The bosses were pushovers, unfortunately, there hasn't been a boss that's given me nightmares ever since a link to the past. Ever since the jump to 3-D, difficulty has slid greatly, the newer zelda games "coincidentally" also seem to be getting easier.
Oct 20, 2008
Definitely. All of the bosses were quite easy indeed, none of them really gave me too much trouble. Even Puppet Zelda and Ganon's Beast form weren't too difficult.

As others have pointed out, they looked challenging at first but none of them really were. They had predictable patterns of attack, with little or no variation, thus making them far easier to kill. Not only that, but the actual amount of damage they can do is rather little. This seems to be the case with almost all the 3D games.


Yes. I took a little bit of time what their weaknesses were, but after that, they WERE too easy. Especially the final boss in the Temple Of Time, it was just {shoot eye, target statue, squish the thing X 3. Too easy... They looked amazing though...
Nov 13, 2009
The UK
Maybe they should have a difficulty setting... Like i know how the Wii is supposed to appeal to everyone so if a new player plays Zelda, they won't find it too difficult.. But they should include an option for harder enemies for the more experienced players.


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Jul 8, 2009
New Zealand
I didn't really mind the easiness of the bosses in TP.

I found the bosses in TP impressive because of the way most of them were done.
Words can not describe how much fun I had with even the first boss fight.

It looked beautiful, the boss music was appropriate, it felt well paced, as you had enough time to figure out what to do by yourself without getting outright killed. Then halfway through they changed it up a bit, without leaving you in the dark on what to do, without just giving you the straight out win, and with more use of the dungeon item, of which a formula we all know and love.

Compare this to the first boss of OOT, years ago, back when I first played it. Had no idea what to do, and by the time I realized what I needed to do I was long dead. More challenging and more damaging yes, but not anywhere as well paced.

All opinion of course.

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