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Bootleg Game Systems


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May 5, 2012
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Have you guys ever had any experience with any bootleg systems? There's tons and tons of them over the years of varying quality that I wonder if some of you guys encountered some.

When I was around 8, we had one called the Power Joy or something that was one of those plug n play systems that advertised having 7000 games or something, when really it was just the same 60 or so Famicom games listed multiple times. This was actually how I was introduced to NES/Famicom games, so I give it major credit for that. It didn't have a lot of complex games, mostly those early black box NES games and arcade ports. But I liked it for what it was. Interesting thing is the controller/plug n play was shaped like an N64 controller, and I've never seen an N64 as a kid, so years later when I saw pictures of the N64 on the internet, I was really taken back when I realized that's what it was based on.


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Bootleg systems fall into 2 categories. You either get a bunch of NES games with horrendous emulation quality, or you get the ones with, uh… ”original” games.

I say that in quotes specifically because I’m pretty sure that most of the original ones are shared among bootleg systems. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen the “firefighter” game on one of those.

Still, those can be pretty fun if you just feel like wading through some garbage.
I unfortunately have not had the pleasure of owning one, but my dad found a bootleg of the NES Mini on Amazon full of a library of 100+ bootleg games. He was convinced it was the real deal and was gonna buy it for me.

Sometimes I kinda regret talking him out of it because I can only imagine how many masterpieces were tucked away in that.

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I never had a bootleg console, the closest thing was a PS2 who an older kid in the neighborhood I grew up in gave me. It came with a disc that had roms of a bunch of PS2 games on it, but most of them were games I didn't care about.

I did homebrew my Wii a few years ago, lol.


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I never had one personally but a friend of mine did a few years back. So many of the games were in Chinese, broken English, or so buggy that it was difficult to play.

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Sep 23, 2014
My friend got me a handheld system called the Miyoo Mini a few months ago for my birthday. I love it! It can play NES, SNES, GB, GBA, and even some PS1 games and more. I highly recommend it to anyone who likes to play classic games on the go. Like I said, the system isn't powerful enough to play a PS1 game like FF7 or 8, but it can play some of the ones that don't have a lot going on with the graphics.


May 14, 2022
I have too many to count (no, really, I do -- i have some stuff from JXD, My Arcade handhelds, sunplus tech, etc), although some are just emulation machines. RG 350 one of my best ones -- I played lots of FF GBA titles on that a while ago. I have a few Nintendo DS flashcarts lying around... if that counts, as well as GBA flashcart 369-in-1

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