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Book/Series Review Thread

Chilfo Freeze

Emma Jean Stone
I was looking through the topics and surprisingly found nothing related to a general book reviewing thread! (If I'm wrong, feel free to edit/etc.)

It's a book/series review thread! What do you talk about on here? Well, let me share a few things...​

- Have you read a book that you would love to talk about?
- Have you shared with others what you liked or disliked?
- Did the plot stay on track?
- What type of book was it?
- Romance, young adult, fantasy, fiction?
- Who were the main characters/their general roles in the book?
- How about the whole series? Did it tie together well?
- Did you like the ending?
- Do you think the author was trying to portray a theme?
- What about the illustration of the book cover? Thoughts about it?​

Who knows, maybe somebody else has read the same book! Or maybe reviewing the book you have read will give someone else the initiative to read the book. This thread has so many advantages. Try to keep the spoilers to a bare minimum for the convenience of future readers of the same book.​

Need an example? I'll start with my simple review on The Host by Stephanie Meyers. I'm simply going to give an overview of the plot 'cuz I dont have time. (Will edit later.)

First of all, this book was science fiction/adult novel/a bit romantic. It had a couple love twists. The story generally is about alien souls who take over (not in a harsh sense) certain planets and live the lives of the inhabitants to learn of their society and change it for the better. The alien souls live through the bodies of the inhabitants; the inhabitants are basically shut down by the entrance of the souls into the bodies. The story focuses on one main alien soul (later named Wendy) who takes over the body of a girl who was rough and tough and a part of the last humans on earth who were not taken over by the alien souls. Wendy has a hard time fighting back the mind of the girl, who struggles to keep the body to herself and not give it up. The story surrounds the initiative struggle of both the girl (Melanie) and Wendy. A friendship develops through the novel. I'll save the romantic parts for anyone who wants to read it. :bleh:

Understandable? Okay, if you've read a book and you are reading this here post, then type a review! Ready, set, go!

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