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Boat in Ph



Everybody that has played phantom hourglass should know that you control linebecks ship and that you use the boat to get everywhere on phantom hourglass. Do you think this was a good idea to put in phantom hourglass or do you think they should have done something else.

I think they did a good job thinking of the boat idea because they made lots of things that link to the ship. Like ship parts and the cannon mini game. I liked collecting all the different ship parts and making all the different types of ships. I was disappointed in the cannon mini game. I just didn't like it for some reason.

The boat idea was also put into spirit tracts but they changed it to a train instead of a boat but they still had the idea of the cannon in it. so overall i liked the idea of having a boat in phantom hourglass but what do think?:D


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Mar 30, 2009
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Well personally, I was hoping for the King of Red Lions to return, I know it no longer is the King Of Hyrule, but at the end of WW, Link was in it but it just didn't have a soul, and I always wondered what happened to that. But I did like the boat, I also liked the fact that you could customize it.


Apr 19, 2009
I found it kind of boring. It had been done before in WW, and although everything about the boat was completely rehashed, I CAN NOT STAND THE SAILING! They tried to make the whole thing more interesting by introducing the boat customization, and it worked. To some extent. The extent that you get to collect the super rare gold ship pieces, but then they ruined that by making it that you could only get half of them through playing some really crap multiplayer add-on. I think the boat for PH was a bad idea, however, it did have it's moments. For example, at the end, when Linebeck's final wish *SPOILERS* is to have his ship back showing that he has come a long way emotionally and is no longer quite so greedy and such. So the boat did play some key parts in the game, but all the sailing and the islands were kind of really second-hand from WW, and dull.
Oct 20, 2008
I hated the boat in this game. As well as the sailing.

I think the boat itself was an all right idea, but controlling was really what annoyed me. I rather disliked having to open the sea chart and draw a path. Mainly what I disliked about that was that I couldn't just 'sail freely' as in The Wind Waker, instead, I would always have some designated course to follow.

The Ship Parts were okay, I suppose, a nice idea at least.


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Jul 9, 2009
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At first, the boat didn't really peeve me in PH. But then I replayed WW, and realized just how bad PH's boat sucked. I have a new found apreciation for the restricted freedom of WW's sailing. It was soooooooooooo much better.


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Aug 20, 2009
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Agree with Kitsu, i really hate the boat in Phantom Hourglass. You don't have the freedom as in The Wind Waker. Pimp up a ship doesn't make it better for me, the system on this boat was just really boring and annoying. I must say it was fun to search for the golden ship parts, i only miss the freedom. PH was not a very good game in this case too.

Anyway, i think i will dislike the train more than the boat... We'll see.
I don't have something against the Boat, if we are able to control the things self like in the Wink Waker i will like it. One more thing, i thought PH has the same system as in WW, such a dissapointment.


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Oct 14, 2007
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I did not think they did a good job with the boat in general. I was unhappy with the ship parts... (see other thread).

I thought that it took away a lot from the overworld feel of many of the previous Zelda titles. I though while on the boat, the game was incredibly repetitive and dull. I mean... you could shoot your canon... and jump... and that's about all you could do while in the boot. I missed the openess of other Zelda games where you can experiment with items, enemies, and pretty much do anything you want.

The King of Red Lions was a character and was much more exciting than the boat in Phantom Hourglass.

There are a LOT of things I loved in Phantom Hourglass. The boat was just not one of them.


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Aug 20, 2009
hehe, This is too easy for me. In both this game and Wind Waker I did not like the boat. Don't like sailing in real life, guess that just dragged over into these games. :P

But really, the sailing around is not too involved. There is SOME fighting and SOME treasure hunting, but nothing too detailed or terribly time-consuming. I think the vastness of the seas really drags down the involvement of the towns. I don't know why, but it seems every Zelda game that is not ocean-oriented using a boat is just so much more involved over-all. Agree? I know WW is far more involved than PH but both games compared to all others come up pretty short in my opinion. (I still love WW though, just not the sailing :)

I'd much rather be taming Epona than sailing some boat. :)
Oct 26, 2008
I really didn't like the boat that much, It was a good idea but it wasn't so good when I actually tried to play PH and got the boat. It got really boring and tedious to do everything with it....Sailing over large areas, Searching for the Ship Parts and half the time trying to use those teleportation symbols it wouldn't work, I had to go over each symbol over and over until it worked.

So overall I didn't like the Boat, Although it does have the fact you could go anywhere on the sea you wanted which you can't with the Train, This makes me think that the Train is going to much worse than the boat, Something which will really kill ST for me. You are just given a set path with maybe a bt of variation in the tracks you take to get their. But still I didn't like the Boat.
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Sep 15, 2008
The boat was not really great, the only thing I liked was the costumization, but even that could get boring.
This is one of the things that kinda scares me about ST, that the train will probably fail like PH's boat:(

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Oct 14, 2009
I liked the boat because you can sail freely and get more hearts for it. Another thing I liked about it was the idea of putting mini bosses in the sea at Molida Island and Goron Island. At the Isle of Ice you had to break the pieces of ice with your cannon. So the boat is a good addition other than running on foot. If the islands were not so small I would like Epona.
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Feb 2, 2009
I agree with a lot of the points that Mases made in his post.

The sailing in PH was a huge disappointment for me. The sailing and boat in TWW exceeded my expectations. It was pretty dull, and was something that could've been expanded on and made a lot better.

First of all, I didn't like how you had to draw a path for where you wanted the boat to go. I will admit that there's not much you can do to make choosing where you sail that fun or interesting, but at least it was better in TWW. In TWW you had to use the Wind Waker to move the wind in to what direction you wanted to go in, which in my opinion was at least more interesting than drawing a measley line.

There was not much you can do while sailing. The only item that you could use was your bombs, and they weren't really all that fun or convinient to use. Enemies were annoying, because all you could do was repeadetly tap them until they died/sunk. Other than bombing, you can jump, which was only useful for those random vines that appeared in the sea. These limited capabilities were a big part of why I didn't like the sailing in PH.

The S.S. Linebeck didn't have much importance to the story. As we all know, TWW had the King of Red Lions. The Kind of Red Lions was one of the most important characters in the whole story, and he had a personality, unlike, well, the S.S. Linebeck. Although, the S.S. Linebeck did have some importance to the story, because it was very important to Linebeck, who was very important to the story.

Ship parts. I didn't like them very much. The only fun thing to do with the Ship Parts was collecting them, and most of the time that wasn't even that fun. Customizing the ship, while I admit was a good idea, was a bit disappointing to me. There were so many duplicate ship parts. Getting the same ship part over and over again when you are trying to get something else. Plus, like Mases said in the other thread, the didn't do anything other than increase the boat's health if they were in the same set. It would be so much cooler if you could use them to make the ship faster, or make the bombs have more power or something.

One thing that I'll give to the PH boat is the Salvage Arm. I enjoyed getting treasure in PH more than I did in TWW. In PH, with the Salvage Arm, there was this whole little minigame, and it was kind of fun, admittedly. But in TWW, you could just see "shiny spots" in the ocean and once you got close to them they disappeared and you had to try and find the treasure. That got a bit irritating at times, and salvaging in PH was overall more fun.

To sum it up, the PH boat and PH sailing in general was not a lot of fun compared to TWW, and it was probably the biggest thing that annoyed my in PH.


At times, I like using the boat, at others, I really just want to just be at the island. Sometimes, I like to take my time and travel on the boat and buy parts etc. And others, I really don't want to waste any time using the dang thing. I also like the little games you use the boats for. I also like collecting and buying parts for it etc. So it's kind of a yes and a no.


The ship gives you many things to waste time on, just like the minigames in New Super Mario Bros., or catching the Loach in OoT. And I like games that have things non-essential to game, because then there's more of the game to play.
Oct 18, 2008
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I hated the boat in Phantom Hourglass. It had no character to it whatsoever. As for using the boat to travel, I felt trapped and restricted. In Wind Waker I felt free when I was sailing, and it give me this awesome feeling.
The funny thing is when Nintendo was working on PH, they said that they would improve WW's sailing, when in my opinion they just made it worse.

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