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Bizarre experiences


Sharpshooter for Hire
Jun 7, 2023
In the tall building outside
This is just a thread about weird, bizarre or outlandish things that you have seen or experienced in real life.

A couple weeks back I saw a cat chase and catch a squirrel. The cat brought it over to a patch of ferns. Then there was a lot of squealing. The spectacle ended with the cat gracefully walking from the ferns and going around the corner a house with its meal in its mouth.

Also, yesterday I went on a run. While I was running, I was passing a tree and an acorn fell and hit me on my head. What amazed me was just the chances of that acorn falling on my head. It would never have happened if I ran faster or slower, or even if I left my house to run earlier or later. The chances of it happening are just out of this world.


The Destructive One
Staff member
Apr 4, 2012
Göteborg, Sweden
I'm a mailman in Sweden, and the other day I was emptying a postbox with letters that people had mailed. I happened to see that one of the letters that went from the postbox into the postsack was addressed to a certain Sir Paul McCartney =O

Deleted member 97076

i always wonder what my life would be if i took career as mailman. I applied and never heard back from them.

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