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Between MM and TP


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Nov 10, 2011
Lost Woods
Some Interesting Twilight Princess Theories

In regards to the link from twilight princess, i think it's possible that he could be related to the OoT link. Just a theory, but if supposedly once OoT link grew up in the child timeline he could have married malon from lon lon ranch and had a family. This could be a possible explanation as to why TP link lived a farm/ rancher life. It could also explain why in TP you begin with a horse very much like the OoT epona (possibly a relative as well)

2nd I thought I would bring up the Hero's Shade. Who do you think he is? is it possible that its OoT link? maybe he died in the lost woods and was turned into a stalfos type thing? or could it possibly be SS link? when you meet te Hero's shade it is in a sort of high cloudy area. What do you think?


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Feb 8, 2011
I think after Link saved Termina from the Moon's staring contest with Clock Town's residents, he managed to find his way back to Hyrule. His fellow Kokiri greeted him, but he no longer felt that he fit there...after all with each passing year he grew taller than them. So he moved on again, past the familiar bridge where Saria gave him the Fairy Ocarina, between the narrow cleft of trees, over the vastness of Hyrule Field, until reaching Lon-Lon Ranch. It was the only place he felt that he belonged since he was a Hylian. Thus settling there he and Malon eventually became married. They continued to farm there, and soon others joined them. Their community remained small though, and for some reason they felt the need to move south over time. Establishing their new village where the Kokiri--now vanished--used to reside, they cultivated the land and spread out the community a little more than it was. They even started a new ranch for goats. And slowly...they moved on with their simple life, far from the touch of evil's grasp, and it remained so, until Twilight began to blanket the land.

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Jun 29, 2011
The Divine Prank:

At the end of OoT, child Link has the Triforce of Courage - this is in both the original and the 3D remake (meaning it was no accident the first time, it's meant to be there). My theory of the divine prank is that when Zelda sends Link back, there are two outcomes of the Triforce of Courage, one for each timeline. One of these outcomes is proven and helps explain the other.

The unproven: Link is returned to a past before he met Zelda, and before Ganondorf has access to the Sacred Realm. Yet Link has a part of the Triforce. In journeying back in time, through the Sacred Realm, Link somehow split the Triforce. This is the Divine Prank, that although he is able to prevent Ganondorf from entering the Sacred Realm, Ganondorf still ends up with part of the Triforce. It's possible (but not necessary) that Ganondorf is unaware he is in possesion of it until the sages try and kill him during the TP backstory. The Triforces of courage and wisdom pass along to Link and Zelda's descendants (bloodline or metaphorical, doesn't matter).

The one that is proven: "Once, long ago, he defeated Ganon and brought peace to the Kingdom of Hyrule... A piece of the Triforce was given to the Hero of Time and he kept it safe, much as Zelda kept hers. That sacred piece is known as the Triforce of Courage. When the Hero of Time was called to embark on another journey and left the land of Hyrule, he was separated from the elements that made him a hero. It is said that at that time, the Triforce of Courage was split into eight shards and hidden throughout the land." — King of Red Lions (The Wind Waker)
When adult Link vanishes from the adult timeline (sent back to his childhood) the Triforce of Courage stays, and shatters to eight pieces. This means that Link no longer has a piece of the Triforce as he journeys back in time - but after he arrives in his childhood we see that he does have a piece. Ergo, the Triforce must have been split when he arrived back in time.

Thoughts? Have I missed something, or was this well known already?


well i think that :) when back to the lost woods and got lost without navi and eventuly he died then after about 50 years a diffrent link is born and ganondorf breaks out of the seal and link has to stop him and oot/mm link returns in the heroes shade to teach link some moves that come in handy. well this only my opinyoun im not a good zelda theorieizer well sorry about typos


TP Connection?!?

Is the hero's shade in twilight princess the link from skyward sword!?! Maybe, maybe not X)
Jan 9, 2011
cool story bro tell it again, no but seriosly, we already have a rather large thread on this, in the theory section, you also provided very little to discuss, and didn't even mark you own stance on the matter, My opinion is that it might very well be possible, since Oot link never really was a hero in Hyrule on the Child timeline, and TP link's tunic looks like SwS link's


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Dec 19, 2011
Personally, I think that SS link is the heros shade cos he knows the shield bash and the fatal blow.
As for Oot link, i agree with An Hero Of Time.


The two theories I believe are most plausible:

Maybe OoT Link went on his adventure while on his search to find Navi, MM takes place, and either he gives up his search or finds Navi, and decides when he grows up to become a Knight of Hyrule. When it was his time to die, he either asked the Princess, Impa, or used his own magic, to seal a Shade of himself into the Howling Stones (Gossip Stones or newly created Sheikah items). He thus takes on any form that is suitable for the task at hand and either embodies Courage in the form of a Wolf, or takes the form of a Stalfos to ease the new Hero's distaste at slashing at a "living" being.

The second theory is that Link for SS (who is already a knight after the Wing Ceremony) was the head of the Knights of Hyrule after Hyrule is first created. When it's his time to die, he does as the above theory states and has someone, or does it himself, place a Shade of himself into the Gossip Stones. The shield that Hero's Shade uses is the wooden shield that SS Link uses. As he is only a Shade, the Master Sword used in his fighting is not necessarily the physical Master Sword. Again, he takes a form suitable for the task at hand.

I think both theories make a lot of sense, but can't decide which theory I agree more with. Maybe there will be another game in between the two on the timeline that will explain what's going on in the world.
Oct 16, 2011
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I came up with a theory as I said in another thread, when Link got out of Termina, hundreds of years had passed (like Narnia), so OoT/MM Link is the same as TP Link. This would explain why he has Epona. I believe the Hero's Shade is SS Link.
Dec 19, 2011
could the major's mask have been shatered when link killed it? and then it turned to stone? that could have been, some how was teleported to the twilight realm and is a relic of power?

Haruhi Suzumiya

I think there was a process that happened before link turned into a Stalfos... like, him losing his ocarina or sealing it?...


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Dec 24, 2011
Pensacola, FL
How exactly can Link get trapped in the Lost Woods? He has warp songs.:)

Maybe so, but Link was only able to navigate the Lost Woods when he had Navi and when he was chasing SK.

My guess is that Link was trying to get back to Hyrule but became lost, became a Stalfos, went back to Inka Castle, re-learned the song that was taught to him there (can't remember the name of it DX) and regained most of his human memories, then traveled again through the Lost Woods and found his way back to Hyrule.

He is obviously the Knight that teaches you all the different moves in TP, but I have no idea about the wolf transformation. Unless, Stalfos Link somehow went to the Twilight and become the Golden wolf that he is in TP. Or he might have went to the Twilight before he tried to enter Hyrule again. >_> <_< The only way we would know for sure is if Nintendo tells us, which I believe they won't.
Dec 26, 2011
Well the ancient knight comments on how there was a race of warriors which relates to the links found in the past games. It's a whole new era but still fits accordingly to the style of how TP and MM display link


Dec 29, 2011
Hero's Shade

There has been a lot of theory about Hero's Shade - the skeleton that teaches you your skills in Twilight Princess.

The biggest question is Who or What is He?

I've seen a lot of people saying that he is a past Link who died. This has something to it, with his name being Hero's Shade and being left-handed and a few mentions of courage.

However, no one seems to notice that his armor is very similar that of a Darknut. Sure, it's somewhat decayed, but if you make a comparison, it's almost identical. He could be the Darknut you defeat in the Temple of Time, with that being in the past. That's just my thought.

What - or who - do you think Hero's Shade is?


my suggestion is that it is Link from the Majora's Mask
i don't know where i found the info but it had something to do
with link was lost in the lost woods and the Captain's hat
becoming a warrior of Ikana.

some other theory is that is link from Minish cap / Four Sword becuase of the fact
that he has the ability to replicate himself

can someone verify this?

also take a good look at the Sheild the shade is carriying
and the damaged triforce crest on the hilt of his sword ;)

or n the other hand...

he is a lot bigger than any other links in the games
he talks a lot more then any other links :P
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