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Best version of Link, Zelda, and Ganon?


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What is your favorite version of Link, Zelda, and Ganon? Which ones portray their role and character the best? Which ones have the best outfits?

My favorite design of Link is in Twilight Princess. I love his mature look and his hairstyle is <3 <3. You can see chain-mail under his tunic too, which is a nice touch. He can turn into a wolf and communicate with animals. Best version of Link confirmed.


My favorite design of Zelda is in Wind Waker. She has one of the best personalities for Zelda, and I love how she is a pirate sailing the seas with her crew. She reminds me of Midna in a way. They both turn out to be princesses, and their personalities are very similar at first. Her pirate outfit is great. I was really close to picking Zelda from TP, but she barely has a personality in the game, though she has one of the best outfits.


Ganon is a pretty easy one. My least favorite would be in BotW because he barely does anything and looks pretty much exactly the same to all the Blights. I do like Twilight Princess version of Ganon. The boss fight was epic; riding with Zelda on horse back to defeat him was exhilarating. His design is also good.


what are your favorite versions? Why?

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BotW has the best Link AND the best Zelda, in both design and characterization. The game did a fantastic job of fleshing them both out in really interesting ways.

I don't really have a favorite Ganon. I don't typically think about the villain characters that way. I do feel that Calamity Ganon is the most threatening of them all, at least.


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For design, I'll go with
Despite the green outfit once again being present, he still looks really good. Very much like a knight, especially with the chain mail. I also really like his Ordon outfit.

For personality/character, I'll go with WW Link. He's the most expressive of all the Links in the series and is the closest Nintendo has gotten to doing a silent protagonist well, despite the lack of dialogue options.

For Zelda's designs, my favorite is easily
She's stunning. <3

For personality/character, Tetra is the best, IMO. I wish she could have taken more of a role in WW. tbh. I liked her that much.

For Ganon, both design and personality go to
He comes the closest to expressing actual motivations for his actions, and his appearance gives off a very mature, thoughtful vibe. That of a more rational villain rather than someone mad with power, at least until the very end.


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..I have 3 different answers for 3 of those questions, I'll just stick w/ designs

my absolute favorite Link is still his OoT adult version depicted in Soul Calibur 2


favorite Zelda design was always the GBA version for Link to the Past, was so ecstatic when they used this design for Smash Ultimate


speaking of which, I probably still like OoT Ganondorf the most

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TWW Link for sure. The only Link with charm and personality, even though its still not much.

For Zelda, SS. She's the cutest. Tetra is close though

For ganon, nothing beats blue pig, so ALTTP, because they gave him the trident in that game. If I had to pick a ganondorf it would probably be the TWW rendition.


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Favorite Link:
Wolf Link! Seriously, though. He is. If we have to go human (or Hylian or whatever) then I'll say TP. He just looks so mature and down to earth. Plus the chainmail ofc. Toon Link is a close 2nd, but the fact that his sword and shield just kinda hover behind his back is a discredit.

Zelda: I like several different versions. OoT young Zelda, I appreciated how she was really engaging and got you going, even if she did ruin everything. TP Zelda is the most regal, and the easiest to imagine as queen. WW Zelda/Tetra, I need to work on my theory/headcanon before I really get a good opinion out on them. I really liked that fanart you found of them in a more realistic style, that was amazing.

Like Falch said, I haven't really paid much attention to him. I guess TP for style and WW for characterization.

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wind waker has the best characterizations of all three imo
I love that Link's motivation is tied to his sister and not just "yoooo help me I'm a princess" from his dreams or w/e
I like that tetra actually does stuff and has complex motivations. She actually feels in control of her own character which is refreshing when "save the princess" tropes are pretty common in nintendo games
ganondorf becomes a lot more sympathetic in wind waker, too, with his monologue at the climax giving a lot of insight into who he is as a person.

if I had to fight in the waifu wars I would go SS>botw zelda because I found her botw iteration way too annoying with how she went on about frogs (and also her eyebrows are eughchch), and SS zelda is just adorable
TP portrays zelda pretty well too, albeit with a more mature aspect of her struggling to do the right thing for her people, even if it means giving up when she clearly doesn't want to. It's a hard decision for a leader to make and it's the only real characterization of her as a person in power in the series

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they're all great


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Going to go along with others when it comes to WW Link and Ganondorf for mostly the same reasons, but i have to go against Tetra in favour for ST Zelda as i felt like even across two games Tetra has a lot of unused potential that i felt was more realised in the spunkiness of ST Zelda, also the final battle is a improvement over WW when it comes to teamwork as instead of ai controller Tetra, you have to actually control ST Zelda


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When it comes to design I love all three in HW the most.
When it comes to personality it's a different story.
WW Link because he's totally cool.
ST Zelda because she's sassy and funny and cute.
WW Gdorf because he actually gives you a reason for his hate for Hyrule and you almost feel sorry for him.
But I also like AoC Zelda because she actually stands up and take charge and shows some real determination and spirit
Jul 7, 2014
Link: Twilight Princess (He feels more ferocious than any other incarnation, which fits his wolf link form in the game to a T. This also makes it feel like he embodies the virtue of courage more than any other Link).

Zelda: Skyward Sword (Spunky, playful, and sweet in the early game. More dignified and regal upon regaining her memories of being Hylia reborn. She also played more of a a critical role in the story than usual by sealing Demise for all those years).

Ganon: BotW (Purely for how intimidating the first boss form is)

/Dorf: Twillight Princess (The most menacing of his characterizations, as well as the best character model).


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My favorite Link is from SS, because he has that classic Link outfit and expression, while giving him actual pants for once! I like how it just happened to be his school uniform, not some fabled tunic that means you're an ultra warrior.

My favorite Zelda is from WW. Specifically, Tetra. I hate Tetra's Zelda outfit. I prefer her spunky pirate look, and the way its so different from anything seen before.

And my favorite Ganondorf is from OoT, simply because I hate his bearded look.

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