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The Minish Cap Best 2D Zelda?

Dec 20, 2011
There were so many 2D Zelda games... and they were all good in my opinion. I did love Minish cap too though, but I'm not sure it was my favorite. I think most people would say Link to the Past (SNES) was the best 2D Zelda game though. I would say the Oracle games were very good too; they are very under-rated (gotta link those games and snag that kiss!)


The best 2D would have to be Minish Cap. It provides an interesting plot and plenty of things to do.
Dec 22, 2011
A Link to the Past for sure, such a great game. It has everything that a zelda game should have and the graphics are also pretty good.
Dec 19, 2011
Vermont, USA
Right now my favorite 2D title is Link's Awakening. Though, now that I have Minish Cap on my 3DS, I can finally play it and see what the fuss is about. :D
Jul 6, 2011
A place
I have to give my favorite 2D Zelda title to TMC, but I think the best is ALttP. I LOVE the game, but it's not as good. I think it comes to a close second, though.
Jun 8, 2011
I don't think the minish cap is the best 2d zelda but it is definitly not the worst 2d.
I prefer link's awekening the most, i love the story for it's originality compared to other zelda 2d games, which most of the time is "go save the princess", it gave me some sort of déjà vu and i really like it for being distant from the basical storyline. I also loved the characters, and the ballad of the wind fish is one of the most memorable zelda song in my opinion. I really think that link's awekening was a very elaborated game for it's age, which makes it one of the best 2d zelda game with a link to the past.

Other than that i would also say that a link to the past deserve more to be the best 2d than the minish cap. I know it's a bit overrated, but if you look at it carefully, this game could be considered as the ocarina of time of the 2d zelda games. Alttp and Oot share the same game formula: light world (3 dungeon)> master sword> dark world, and for oot: present (3 dungeon)> master sword> future. To me alttp is as epic as oot, because it is certain that if alttp was the first 3d zelda game instead of oot it would have been as popular as oot, even if it's story is not elaborated that much.
But don't get me wrong, i like tmc too, i love the graphics i love the musics, especially the 4th dungeon one, and i replay it often but it can't be the best 2d zelda, it didn't bring that much to the world of zelda (except from the appearance of vaati and the creation of the 4 sword).

But again that's just my opinion, not everybody think the same thing as me.
Oh and i'm sorry if i did some grammar mistakes :sweat:
Aug 25, 2011
Minish cap is my close second alttp is good too but i like the original zelda the best

The oracle games were realy wierd and fun mc and Oox are alike in that way


I loved Link's Awakening, but OoX lowered my expectations for handheld Zelda games. However, the Minish Cap blew me away. I must say it's tied, in my mind, with a Link to the Past (my other 2D favorite).

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