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Banjo-Tooie: General Discussion

Two things: (1)What is the spoon method? (2)mvsl54321, I agree. The levels were cool and grenade eggs. YAY!

OK, so yesterday (6/1/12), I beat her. Well, technically, my little brother did. He's better at mashing the A button. He tried to stay behind Big Al Band Canary Mary, but he found it easier just to take the lead and take it all the way home. The second one was much harder. We finally won when we decided to switch out at intervals that we always seemed to excel at. It was odd, because he was best right around the trash can and at the very end, yet at the Trash can I always lost all of my speed. I handled the turn around the side of the mountain, also.

Two last things about Tooie. I have cheats 1 2 3 4 6 and 12. I know that you get five from Cheato, so that's fine, but do you know where 7-11 are? Also, I have 82 Jiggy's. I have one Jinjo left in GI and 7 Jiggy's left. I currently have 1 Cheato page, which means that I have four left. I have 8 honey comb pieces, and the one that I'm missing is in Jolly Roger's. I am so happy right now! I've almost beat it one hundred percent.

Don't you think that it's cruel that you can't get into the party? They party while you go beat the final boss, and you miss the entire party!
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