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Avoiding Game Previews

Dec 12, 2010
In the past I used to trawl through gaming magazines, forums and websites to find the latest info on upcoming games. Over the years my obsession with gaming has waned, although my interest in it raises when there are some games on the horizon that spark my interest. The result of this is that I'm only interested in two things when a game is announced: is it supposed to be good (which if it's made by Nintendo is almost a certainty) and when is it out?

I suspect I won't have much sympathy from the likes of this forum, but I was wonder if anyone else is doing the same for SS? Since seeing the E3 trailer I'm making an effort to avoid any info about it: I will buy it when it comes out, play it and enjoy it (and then probably try and work out where it fits in the timeline). I find this method lowers my expectations and lets me see a game through relatively normal eyes rather than the lens of fanboyism and all the pressures that creates. It also makes the game more of a mystery which is more fun to me.

Ever tried it? Going to give it a go some time? Think it's a stupid idea?
May 5, 2010
To be honest, I've been doing exactly what you're doing ever since TP. I remember the hype the game caused and I was excited too. Although it's a good game, I thumped it down a bit because I was really excited and my expectations were maybe a bit too high. Back then, I tried to lower my expectations because Final Fantasy XII was gonna be released a few weeks before TP. But the hype TP caused was to big to ignore for me and I tried to ignore announcements for future games ever since.
Dec 21, 2010
What I liked about Twilight Princess was that barely anything got revealled before it was released, and I remember avoiding talk of it until I got it that Christmas. So yeah I wasn't spoiled in that regard.

Actually, I think spoilers ruin games for me. I've never completed Ocarina of Time simply because I have no incentive too, I know how it ends, and I've even read the manga. But I completed and thorougly enjoyed Twilight Princess since I didn't know what was gonna happen at the end.

I have the same approach to loads of other games too, Final Fantasy in particular.

Soo... Yeah. I avoid spoilers whenever I can, but I'm not afraid to get hyped up for things. I got incredibly hyped up for Brawl, what with the Dojo and everything, and I wasn't disappointed. I do think that the stories of games shouldn't be spoiled though, and I did avoid Subspace Emissary info.


Zora Warrior
Nov 3, 2009
Termina Bay
I have definatly been doing that. I get tired of having games ruined by the trailers. I like to be suprised when I play a game. I usually try to get enough info to make a decision on whether to buy it or not. I get too excited and expect too much from games. There are way to many spoilers in trailers anymore.

Most of my friends are the same way, and if one of us gets it first, we won't spoil it for the others. Lately though, there have;t been many spoilers in the trailers.

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