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Attempt to Be the Largest Thread in DGN History


Seek a door that carries a [9]
Mar 22, 2012
Nevada Test Site
I'm Canadian and I don't like Justin bieber so it means nothing :P

Good. I see true Canadian pride there? I salute you. I always like talking to people that AREN'T from AMERICA... I really have got to stop using that joke...

and I need to read my messages before posting them. Saves me the trouble of looking like a total idiot.
Has anyone else ever wanted a pet tiger who flies and expels fire out of its anus?

Wish it existed. Nest best thing is a badass one.



I think he's just been watching too much Regular Show. It'll wear off in an hour or two... unless he saw that Mississippi Queen episode...(shivers)
That was the only episode I ever saw of Regular Show, thank goodness that my younger brothers weren't home, and it proved my suspicions about Regular Show-its dumber than Adventure Time, Yu-Gi-Oh, Bakugan, Beyblade, and Amazing World of Gumball combined.

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