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Attempt to Be the CRAZIEST Thread in DGN History.

Oct 22, 2012
qazmart has heckled large deposits of quarantined toothpaste, feelers are pinchy bring much moose organs to picnic, litter will be prosecuted to the full entent of my MARIO!!!!! Chicken's need rehab due to subliminal nicotine addiction, withdrawls include MASSIVE SAD GOD! Master Bates clearly massages Impa on Facebook foreshadowing apocalypse of alien proportion. Remainder of mutated immigrants transported from the Mushroom Kingdom findign refuge in the delusions seeked by the clearly demeted bob-omb army of Springfeild Idaho, testicular anomalies spotted west of Stone Tower Temple in the Jersey province of Hyrule. Probable cause for massively restricted vascular brushing techniques used by Andy Samberg, the reincarnation of the Demon King Luigi and his faithful assistant Yugi. Of the legends of MErlins apartment complex found deep in the island of Mallet. The basic logic used in a post such as those imagined by you reading this sequence of 1's and 0's were provided by...I SHALL CONSUME....viewers like you.....EVERYTHING. THank You :D :D :D D: DESPAIR, severe storms shown to return the planet Zebes to it's ancient Cistine of EXCALIBUR"S MANE. I see what you did there Sonic but you must remember that many tanks are needed to handle to situation described by the majority of the Mole people. My sister, wario, told me a story once similar to this involving HOT PANTS ON MY SWEATY RepublicanS. :D Sweet samples of delirious molecular tea. hehehehehe, I know the truth and its enough to change your perspective on the White Rabbits affiliation with the Chao. I know truths not even apparant to the gods Edenia. BOW BEFORE ME MORTAL, for peril is the new level of friendship described in stone by the Sheikah long ago when years were called sausages. Don't make me laugh, the true meaning of your return in vengance, we shall exterminate the Tremors. WE SHALL EXTERMINATE KEVIN SMITH, THEIR VICIOUS LEADER. HE weilds a dark magic known as Tai Kwon Honey BOO BOO like pearly rubies I wear from the nuts of an octorock. Pedestrians do not pass go, do not collect OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dollars. I grant you the right of way my scruffy headed hero hahahaha, you know truths not known even to you. I believe in your strength my precious, MY PRECIOUS RABBITS!!! May I use some paper?

L is real.....2401

Jul 1, 2011
Tournament Of Power Arena
Power charging time...



Dec 31, 2011
New York
Time is like a boat flying down a building with a band of blood-thirsty shadows flyingin death wrapped in all space who's time doesnot open into the depths of my soul where fish crawl


gay energy
Feb 28, 2010
New York
Navi: Hey! Listen!
Tatl: Dingdingdingdingding!
Midna: Eh heh heh heh!
Fi: gdjxhcjbdsjcjdhjddbb

Marluxia the GRACEFUL and GIRLY assassin

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