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Art Block How do you Artists get through it


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Dec 20, 2010
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Since I began High School back in '11, I've been in a art block. Yeah I might do a drawing here or there, mostly cartoons that I dislike and anime/manga style drawing that I'm ok with but don't want to draw all the time. I recently been doing small sketches and watching youtube videos drawing what I can to get my mind going again. Backing in elem. and Middle school I was able just to draw anything that came to my mind, in the past four years I've been hating my art going months not drawing anything and when I draw something, I'm mad because it's bad looking. That's my fault for going months not drawing but it's just that I want to draw when I'm away for a pencil and paper, but as soon as I sit down to draw....It disappears. Vanish. Vamoose. But as soon as I am away, I want too draw again! It's a struggle for me, I want my art to improve but I just can't! What are your guys tips?
Jul 20, 2015
well for some artists i've known who had this same problem, they couldn't really find any answer. I tried to help them by showing some options to try and tackle it, for myself I had to forget all my worries and ignore my perfectionist behaviours to break that kind of art block, I settle with in the end whats the worse that can happen if i draw something bad in comparison to other drawings before? I didn't have an answer for that other than improve,because with every mistake is experience gained. then there are some artists who just need time away from it,to not think about it. that can sometimes help,fast for some a little longer wait for others. But I know the feeling of having the want to draw but when you actually go to do so that pencil just cant draw anything right. So my tip is, take some time, don't fret about a bad picture, because your not losing anything. Good luck. ^^
Aug 1, 2015
I think WikiHow covers this pretty well.
I remember a way, too long to post here, but yeah, sometimes you need a break, sometimes you need to force through. Your're not in the mood but if you start, then you can't stop. Or you're too satured with work...

This helps me at least, but the key item with being block is having patience and wisdom. No one should know your times more than you. Maybe you're not inspired and need to find inspiration or you really need a break...

May the (Wisdom Tri)Force be with you!

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