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Arms and Splatoon 2 end their online events, will Switch see their sequels?

Outside of Zelda and Mario, a lot of Nintendo IPs only see one title per generation.

However, with Nintendo wanting to ride rhe success of the Switch for seven years and both Arms and Splatoon 2 selling millions of copies each and now ending their online events, do you think their sequels will be released on Switch?
Sep 6, 2017
I'll bite on this one. Yeah, I do think we'll see their sequels on the Switch, with Splatoon being much more likely than Arms:

Splatoon has immense marketing and exposure through Smash, as well as selling over 6 million copies. The IP has proven to be hugely successful and there's no doubt they want to take advantage of it later down the line. Splatoon 2 was essentially Splatoon 1 with added content and a new story for the campaign, so I wouldn't be surprised if Nintendo were to shake things up a bit in Splatoon 3. Maybe make it a bit more focused on world/character building to really flesh out the lore in the series.

Arms, though I haven't played it, is a game with great potential but poor execution, or so I've heard. I think that if they are going to make an Arms 2, they need to fix a lot of the things that were wrong with Arms 1.

Overall, yes I do believe that at least Splatoon for sure will be getting a seqel on Switch, I'm guessing late 2021 at the earliest for that one.


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Oct 28, 2012
God I hope not....the playerbase is already too small as it is and a sequel would be pointless.

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Feb 5, 2016
As much as I like the world of splatoon nintendo's history of one per console for the lesser IP's is looking the way to be and it frustrates me since they have so many underused worlds with such cool potential with plenty of fans. Don't know how arms did so can't really say if it warrants a sequel. Splatoon 3 would certainly be a success on switch but will likely just get locked away until the Switch 2 in 2025

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