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Game Thread Anime Mafia 2

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The game is on!
Welcome one and all to Anime Mafia 2! I’m Pendio and I will be your host throughout this (hopefully) very pleasurable experience. ;)


- Read these rules.
- Know the basic Mafia rules.
- Do not communicate with each other outside of the game regarding your roles or the events of the game.
- Even after you have died, do not talk to other players about the game whether they are still alive or not.
- Reveal no information after you have died.
- By default day periods will be roughly 72 hours while night periods will be about 24 hours.
- You may not name claim, however you are allowed to say which anime your character is from.
- I will allow a maximum of 1 role claim per game day. If I see a second role claim on one day, that player will be mod killed.
- I do not count counter claims as role claims, so if one role claim has been made on one day, it is perfectly possible to counter it without the risk of being mod killed.
- Bold your votes and unvotes and put them on a separate line.
- Potential votes for Extension will be counted separately from ordinary votes. A majority for extension is needed for me to extend the game day by 48 hours.
- Do not edit or remove your posts.
- You may not use your Role PM as evidence.
- Do not reveal any outside information.
- The player with the most votes at the end of the day will be lynched. If a majority is reached before the end of the day the game will enter its twilight phase during which posting is still allowed but voting is locked.
- If the day ends in a tie, nobody will die.
- A player cannot be lynched by a single vote.
- Do not post during the night periods.
- I require every player to make at least 1 post every game day (though preferably a lot more). If that requirement is not fulfilled I will have to start replacing/mod killing.

Nishiarai, Tokyo, Japan, Earth. The year is 2019 and this is the first entry in my second log dedicated to the interdimensional beings.

These very mysterious individuals from across the multiverse first appeared in our world four years ago. After my own thorough examination of 20 of these beings I concluded that - despite their unusual abilities and in some cases appearances - they are really no different from the rest of us living on this planet.

It has now been two years since I closed that investigation and things have been going smoothly. However, this morning I received information about something fishy going down in the outskirts of Japan’s capital, which is why I’m currently undercover at the Nishiarai Station witnessing a grand total of 18 of these interdimensional beings meeting up to discuss something. As I follow them down the street they soon enter a nearby hostel and sit down to talk in the lobby. Doing my best to not stand out I overhear them mentioning the recent death of someone they all know, and it seems like they all agree that the culprits are amongst themselves. Damn, this situation seems awfully similar to the one from two years ago. I just hope it won’t be as bloody!

The living (18):
@Morbid Minish
@The Sun Fan
@All Might
@Spiritual Mask Salesman
@Doc/@Morbid Minish
@Johnny Sooshi
@HeroOfTime/@All Might
@Calvin ツ/@MixMasterLar
@Mellow Ezlo/@Irvine

Day 1 Begins!

With 18 players alive it takes 10 for a majority lynch. Otherwise the day ends on Friday, August 30th 2019 at 7:00 PM EST. Countdown: https://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/to?iso=20190830T19&p0=179&msg=End+of+Day+1&font=slab&csz=1

Oh and let me wish our very own @funnier6 a very happy birthday!:pikalove:

Links to scenes:
Night 1 Begins!
Day 2 Begins!
Night 2 Begins!
Day 3 Begins!
Night 3 Begins!
Day 4 Begins!
Night 4 Begins!
Day 5 Begins!
Night 5 Begins!
Day 6 Begins!

Role Descriptions & Night Actions
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