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Sign Ups Anime Mafia 2 [Sign-Ups]

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The game is on!
Welcome to the sign-up thread for Anime Mafia 2! This game will be the sequel to a Mafia game I hosted here two years ago but there's no need to have played/read that game in order to understand this one. That said though, this game will follow the same rules as the first Anime Mafia as in that all role names will be different, so when players die and their identities are revealed the only thing that will be known for sure is their alignment.

I'm hoping to get at least 14 players for this game, but if we could get as many as 20 I would of course welcome it! I guarantee my players high quality modding as well as a well balanced and eventful game. ^^

01. funnier6 [CONFIRMED]
02. Morbid Minish [CONFIRMED]
03. Rubik [CONFIRMED]
04. The Sun Fan [CONFIRMED]
05. All Might [CONFIRMED]
06. Spiritual Mask Salesman [CONFIRMED]
08. Johnny Sooshi [CONFIRMED]
09. HeroOfTime [CONFIRMED]
10. DekuNut [CONFIRMED]
11. ExLight [CONFIRMED]
12. Laurentus [CONFIRMED]
13. Funnygurl555 [CONFIRMED]
14. Ragnarokio [CONFIRMED]
15. Silverfish [CONFIRMED]
16. LittleGumball [CONFIRMED]
17. Calvin ツ [CONFIRMED]
18. Mellow Ezlo [CONFIRMED]
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