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Amiibo I'd love to have work for BOTW and TOTK respectively

Jun 12, 2023
I would love to have the Amiibo give the new TOTK materials mixed in with the miscellaneous materials given (Hylian Tomato, Sundelion, skyshroom and the like). But also...

A Lynel, and a Lizalfos Amiibo that gives Lynel, and Lizalfos weapons like the Bokoblin Amiibo.
It would be awesome if it works for both BOTW and TOTK.
assortment of Lynel/Lizal melee weapons
assortment of Lynel/Lizal bows
assortment of Lynel/Lizal shields
other Lynel/Lizal related items

And one for the Zonai Constructs
Melee Weapons
Other Items (such as Zonai Charges, and Crystallized charges)

Lastly I'd absolutely love a Master Kohga Amiibo that gives Yiga Clan weapons (and for BOTW give Yiga Clan outfit set. However, for TOTK, so not to interfere with the "Infiltrateing The Yiga Clan" side adventure instead of the regular outfit it could give a Master Kohga style outfit, or at the least his mask, and collar as patterned after the Shiek Amiibo.
Kohga's Mask - mask/collar combo
Yiga Clan Weapons - Demon Carver, Vicious Sickle, Windcleaver
Other Items - Duplex Bow, Eightfold Longblade, Eightfold Blade, assortment of materials (absolutely must give Mighty Bananas every time)

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