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Game Thread Amazing Fantasy: A Spider-Man Mafia Prequel [NIGHT 10--HIATUS]

Jun 26, 2020
Okay, Andjalo, the game so far.

I was a human. Then I was a radioactive spider. I got bitey. Spider-Man's a-coming. I'm a human again.
D1 Ended not with a bang but with a whimper.
There was a cool demonstration on radioactivity. The people there weren't mafia at the time, which doesn't mean they aren't scum but kind of winks knowingly in that direction.
Somebody died N1 but it was an origin aligned character who canonically becomes a baddie so I don't think anybody was too broken up about it.
Storm is maybe electro and extorted the Daily Bugle and otherwise messed with folks power by switching it off blindly and demanding money and fixing it and melting down in the thread. From what I hear this is business as usual.
Abigail needed money because mob extortion but presumably that's not an issue for her right now 'cause she doesn't exist at the moment.
Fred's doing some sort of hostile corporate takeover stuff and we might want to address that before OsCorp becomes Morgan Industries but it's not like I'm rich so that's none of my business and we all have a Fred townie pm so maybe he's the lesser of the corporate evils anyway?
KoD is almost certainly Wilson Fisk and probably Kingpin. He's not Mafia aligned but he could be Supervillain which we think is like double-secret turbo scum. We're trying to get him arrested but it's not very effective. Maybe throw a vote that way and if you can do any superheroing that would be great.
Also Wrestlemania is on so if you need to be a hero and fight in combat you may wanna do something about that. Like, ASAP.

Deleted member 97076

Zinger probably already pointed you to it. There are lots of helpful links to key events and the news (bugle) on the first page.

check for player status, stock market is changing all the time.

Deleted member 97076

Something i learn (this is my first game on this forum and first game in years)

click "..." top right will get you a list of users and their responses. very userful.

send wire transfer and letters to editor liberally. Heard they are useful.

Deleted member 97076

What I think is that there is a dual agenda; first of which is the idea of gathering information which the Daily Bugle, as a whole, has done by invading my privacy to try and confirm my name. Doubly so when you consider the whole point of arresting would be to confirm my name anyway.

The other side is that with confirmation, thanks to the Bugle, that I'm not mafia, the end goal is still removal for the sake of removal and the idea that I'm a threat without any actual confirmation to the such (ie. the stated desires of both Rubik and Neon by way of example). Given this context and the fact I'm neither town nor mafia, I have little incentive going forward to actually help town given this treatment. So if it comes down to wasting resources fighting with town against non-mafia, then that's the way it'll go down.

You don't know much about me outside of what the DB has provided, but I will tell you this. You've made an enemy of me, and I will see to it that you suffer going forward each and every day by wasting valuable resources on me instead of actually scum hunting. That'll be the punishment fit for a town of foolhardy people (plus never mind that with these easy focuses and the so called stated social gameplay of some people that mafia can easily hide in these singular focuses with no actual scum hunting benefit to town

but I missed the part where that's my problem).
This is still pretty much the same post like 2 pages ago or so.

What is it that you are actually threatening? To not help town? Why not say something more concrete like how you can help town? State why the town would need your help? Without a bit more info, the threat seems pretty empty.

Who is your enemy? If you want us to believe that town is not that, then would you consider that is the least you can reveal?
Aug 26, 2023
Thanks all for the warm welcome! I'm definitely a bit new to this whole thing, but I'm gonna do my best and be more active than darkstar. Has he said anything about his role to the game? also I probably won't be able to talk much until day 3 because I just need to catch up and understand everything
Jun 26, 2020
Thanks all for the warm welcome! I'm definitely a bit new to this whole thing, but I'm gonna do my best and be more active than darkstar. Has he said anything about his role to the game? also I probably won't be able to talk much until day 3 because I just need to catch up and understand everything
Darkstar made one post. It said "hi".
Jun 15, 2020
eh screw it what's the worst that could happen
unvote, vote: kod

Lol well.... about that... :P

The worst that could happen is the Mod might come into the thread and tell people no more posting or submitting abilities until I've done a vote count. :suspicious:

So, um. That. That happens. The game's on pause until I resolve **** now. There may have been a hammer. I need to triple-check.

At least this gives Andjalo some more time to catch up.
Jun 15, 2020
Oh, what a pleasant surprise! I was wrong. There hasn't yet been a hammer yet, which means the Day still has some time left, and we get to do this nonsense...

A vote count will follow... But first... ACTION! DRAMA! SUSPENSE! ROLE-REVEALS!

Wilson Fisk sits in his office chair on the top floor of the Fisk Industries' high-rise building. His brow is furrowed, his fingers crossed, as he contemplates the difficult situation he finds himself in. A veritable mountain of people demanding his arrest for trumped-up charges that no evidence (that is admissible in a courtroom) was ever even found for. "The nerve. After all I've done for this city..." He whispers to himself.


To say he was pissed off at all the bad press he is getting would be the understatement of the century, but for a man like Wilson Fisk, he knows that in the long run this too shall pass. When he eventually retaliates... That won't pass nearly so quickly.

Suddenly, the light in his office changes. Sunset?...




The HUMAN TORCH explodes through the plexiglass window with ease!

"FISK!!" he yells over the raging inferno that is his body.

Without flinching, Fisk answers "Thank you for illustrating for me why I need stronger windows even at this elevation. I'll be sure to mention that to the contractors who come to repair it before I have them send the Baxter Building the bill."

"You won't be sending anyone any bills ever again where you're going. I am taking you in to pay for your countless crimes against the people of this city!"

"You've been reading too much of the Daily Bugle. Feel free to have a look around my office, since you seem so entitled. I think you'll find there isn't any evidence linking Wilson Fisk to these so-called crimes at all. Now I am a very busy man, and I now need to find another office to work out of, so if you'll excuse me. You can show yourself out." He gets up to leave.

"Maybe not 'Wilson Fisk', but I'm talking about the crimes you committed under an alias. The Kingpin of Crime. Ring a bell?"

Fisk grinds his teeth. His patience thins... "Whoever that is, you've been misinformed. It certainly isn't me. He sounds dangerous though. Are you sure you should be hunting him without any backup? Where is the rest of your so-called 'Fantastic' Four? You didn't really come here all on your own, did you? Oh... I see, you did! What is it? Some vendetta then? A person close to you was hurt by this 'Kingpin' person? Well, you have my sympathies, but not enough of them for me to wholeheartedly look past this egregious intrusion. Make no mistake, even though I have nothing to do with this alleged Kingpin of Crime you speak of, I can assure you I am an equally dangerous man to be provoked. Now kindly get out of my office, before I throw you out."

the Human Torch throws a FIREBALL at Wilson Fisk...

But despite his massive size, Fisk is deceptively quick, and dodges it! His own face twisting into a rage to match that of the young hot-head's, he rips off his coat and shirt, revealing his rippling muscles underneath, and charges!

To hell with the Tutorial...

THE HUMAN TORCH has engaged WILSON FISK, a.k.a. KingofDominaria in a FIGHT!!

Since you guys decided not to wait for my tutorial before starting a fight with someone, I guess you're flying blind! Here's how this works. You must each roleplay a fight between your two characters. How well you do in the fight is judged on a secret scoring system that is somewhat unique per character, but it more or less breaks down to the number of posts made as part of the fight + the number of blows that are in line with your character's fighting style + the number of actions taken that are in line with your character's core ideology. Optionally, it could also include points for bystanders who are cheering you on or assisting in some other way (depending on the match-up). Yes, this means having a deeper knowledge of your character as you roleplay them could get you more points!

Each of you has a set number of posts you can make as part of this fight.

@The Human Torch, you have enough stamina for up to 17 posts.

@KingofDominaria, you have enough stamina for up to 27 posts.

This means KoD has the advantage. He can make more posts than his opponent! The Human Torch might have bitten off more than he can chew and will have to prioritize quality over quantity in his fight posts if he has any hopes of coming out ahead here! KoD can spam more posts and win from the numbers alone if the Torch doesn't somehow eek out more points per post than his opponent does.

Whoever loses will be at the winner's mercy... The winner will get to decide the loser's fate (how exactly will be more clear once we get there). But be careful, villains don't always play fair--the loser might have a cheat up their sleeve to escape a loss anyway!

Fights are timed. When the timer runs out, the fight is over, even if some of you have posts remaining. How much time you have is not revealed to you to maintain the suspense that it could end at any time, but it is a random number between 9 and 24 hours (tracked in real-time). You must complete your fight before the timer runs out!


This fight takes place at the top of the Fisk Industries building, and as such, has no participation from bystanders is allowed. The Torch and KoD are on their own. The fight starts.... NOW.


Meanwhile... Across town... ANOTHER FIGHT is about to take place...

In fact, SEVERAL of them, as contestants line up to try and test their mettle against CRUSHER HOGAN in the Olympic Arena wrestling ring for a prize of $10,000! Many people have come to watch this event...

Including @Ragnarokio, @TheCapsFan, @Rubik, @HangryHangryHippo, @Turin, @Skystone, @Doc, and @Spiritual Mask Salesman.

And at least one inquisitive teenager...


The audience members all take their seats among the crowd, eager for the event will begin...

This event will feature a SERIES OF FIGHTS, one after the other.​

Thanks to the Torch and KoD, I already explained how Fights work above, so I don't need to do it again. There will however be a few key differences for the fights in this event...
  1. The fighters will be identified by a "Fighting name" chosen by them, rather than their character name.
  2. Each fight will only last 3 hours instead of 9 to 24, but it won't start until the fighters declaire their readiness.
  3. Each fighter may make up to 10 posts as part of the fight.
  4. The only consequences of winning or losing is monetary only.
  5. These fights allow for "bystanders" (the 8 audience members listed above) to cheer their chosen fighter on by posting "Cheer: Fighter/Player Name" in the thread just like you would a vote. This adds to their points total.

That's it!​

Our first contestant who is going to try and test their mettle in the ring with CRUSHER HOGAN is @Asfinyti! Their fighter is called the "pearl milk tea"!​

The fight will begin when both participants indicate their readiness.

I will be roleplaying the part of Crusher Hogan, and I am ready when you are Asfinyti, or should I say, pearl milk tea. :)

(Also, with only 8 and a half hours left to the Day, you can expect that this event will likely carry over into the Dusk phase. This is expected and not a problem. Participants, fighters and audience alike, will be allowed to continue to post for the duration of the event, even if they do not possess an insomniac type ability.)


And in other news, school is finally out for the Day. Those of you whom this effects know what that means.

Hey, shouldn't that inquisitive teenager I just mentioned in the wrestling arena have been in class?


Day 2: Spectacular Third Vote Count

a.k.a. The "Turning point when **** hits the fan, gets mighty real for some people, and the true motives of the game start to reveal themselves" Vote Count

KingofDominaria (19.5): Tevish Szat, the Human Torch, Morbid Minish (x2), Rubik, Spiritual Mask Salesman, Turin, theatog, TheCapsFan, Freddeh, ExLight, Storm, Paranoid King, Ragnarokio, The Black Cat, dragonteacup, Doc, Asfinyti
Storm (1.5): The Kingpin of Crime
ExLight (1): ModVote

The Human Torch's vote BURNS, KingofDominaria's Threshold is reduced by -2.

With 19.5 votes against, plus the Torch's BURN effect, KingofDominaria is essentially at M+10.5. But he appears to require more than that...

Not Voting: Andjalo, Asfinyti, Asfinyti, Captan_Lunch, HangryHangryHippo, Killjoy262, KingofDominaria, Silverfish, Skystone, Vroendal

With 20 available votes, it takes 11 votes to reach a Majority (now whether or not Maj is required to Remove someone is another matter--as is evidently the case, thanks for the demonstration KingofDominaria).

Day 2 will end on August 27th, at 3:30 PM, Eastern Time (click here for an accurate to the second countdown timer).

And in other news... After a careful review of the case, the District Attorney of New York City adjusted bail for Dr. Mendel Stromm, increasing it to $100,000. When asked "why the change", he said it should have always been that high, and it was only lower due to a clerical error when filling.

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Jan 19, 2018
If you don't identify as the default options of Male/Female, you may enter your gender here.
we might be able to save the human torch if someone pulls another vote from somewhere, since it sounds like KoD was close to dying

in any case: "good luck human torch i believe in you!!!"

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