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All the Dungeons


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Mar 14, 2011
Over there.
I don't know about the exact order of the dungeons but I am sure that we will revisit some of the dungeons.



Skyview Temple
Earth Temple
Lanayru Mining Facility
Skyview Temple Again
Ancient Cistern
Earth Again?
Fire Sanctuary
Lanayru Mining Facility Again?
Pirate Ship Dungeon (Link gets a goddess flame on the ship)
Final Dungeon

If it really is the Temple of Time, I don't think it's a dungeon. It's just a temple at the Sealed Grounds where you talk to that old lady. Lanayru Mining Facility seems to be the dungeon that magazine was talking about when they said "temple of time".
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Jun 22, 2011
After reading the text dumps, I don't necessarily believe Temple of Time or Temple of Hylia are anything more than plot-related buildings that you end up visiting. However, Sky Keep is surely a pretty large dungeon located in the sky. From the sounds of it, Sky Keep will be a typical final dungeon for Zelda: a final exam of all the things you learned to do in the game. There's one moment where Fi warns you that potions are necessary because there are no pots or chests that contain replenishing hearts.

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