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Adventure Time Vs. The Legend of Zelda

Oct 22, 2010
I'm prepared to go all-out nerd in this. I like the show "Adventure Time" on Cartoon Network. It's got kid humor, adult humor in there, some pretty sweet music from Rebecca Sugar, like "What Was Missing (My Best Friends In The World)" and "Marceline's Fry Song." I like the "Legend of Zelda" series because of many things. I got a manga when I was more into manga in like 5th grade, and it was the first Four Swords manga by Akira Himekawa. My best friend had brought the second one to school one day, and he let me borrow it. He's also into Zelda. I also got a Nintendo Power Collector's Edition magazing about The Legend of Zelda, and that's one other thing that got me into Zelda. And, of course, Zelda Dungeon. It's a very fun video game series, and I own almost all of the games.

But what's better than one head? Two heads. And what's better than JUST Adventure Time and JUST The Legend of Zelda? A combination of the two!

And that's the reason I'm here right now.

I've decided to create characters that could trade roles with the opposite series'. So, if you're ready, let's jump in!!


Now this is probably the easiest trade-off I could come up with. I mean, they're both the main character, they're both heroes, they're both in the same age group (at times), and they're both flippin' awesome!! I chose this one because... wait, I already told you. Hm. That was easy.


This one was actually pretty hard, in my opinion. Because Jake is a magical dog, he can grow and stuff, and he can talk, so he could be a sidekick or he could be something to ride. So I chose Epona because Link doesn't really have a sidekick, but he has Epona. Again, this was a pretty hard decision because of Jake's powers. Wow. These explanations are MUCH shorter than I thought they'd be.

Princess Bubblegum/Princess Zelda

Alright, I'm not even gonna go there. You guys get the point.

Flame Princess/Sheik

I chose this trade-off because of Sheik's personality. She's mysterious and vague, and also is a dangerous person, and so is Flame Princess. I'm going towards having the Adventure Time characters become the Zelda characters in this, so that's why this decision was made.

Ganondorf/Ganon/Ice King


Lumpy Space Princess/Navi

C'mon. Flying + Annoying = LSP and Navi!!


This is kind of weird, considering the fact that if I chose this, it would be Marceline as a bat practically the entire game. Not saying that any crossover like this WOULD happen, but if it did, Marceline would look AMAZING at the end.

I think this is it for now. I'll think about more Adventure Time-Zelda crossover characters, and get back to everyone on it. Because I'd like to have more characters involved, like Lady Rainicorn and maybe even Peppermint Butler!! So, if you want, give me some ideas on what I should do, should've done, etc., and please give me any negative/positive feedback you have on this. Thanks!! :)

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