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A Difficult, but Seemingly Debatable Theory

Sep 4, 2011
Hey guys, ihavent replyed for a while, sorry, busy.....anyway,
they say the sacred realm turned to the dark realm because Ganon has a evil heart, they never said it could turn into evil beings like Maladass and chole. Your thoughts?


Aug 24, 2010
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The reason the Sacred Realm became the Dark World for LttP was because Ganon made his wish on the Triforce, so the land began to alter. The cracks in the seal between there and Hyrule meant that wish was seeping through, enough so that Ganon could have an influence on things happening in Hyrule, via Agahnim. Its also why the Dark World changed back to the Golden land when Link touches the Triforce, having defeated Ganon.

As for Malladus and Cole, there is nothing to suggest they had any involvement with the sacred realm. Considering there is also a Twilight Realm, and a realm where the Picori reside, not everything is related to the resting place of the Triforce.


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Nov 29, 2010
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The Triforce tells you that the Dark World became the Sacred Realm at the end of ALTTP.

Welcome, Link...
I am the Essence Of The

... ... ...

The Triforce will grant the
wishes in the heart and mind of
the person who touches it.

If a person with a good heart
touches it, it will make his good
wishes come true... If an evil-

hearted person touches it, it
grants his evil wishes.

The stronger the wish, the
more powerful the Triforce's
expression of that wish.

Ganon's wish was to conquer
the world. That wish changed
the Golden Land to the Dark


Ganon was building up his
power here so he could conquer
the Light World and make his

wish come completely true.

But now, you have totally
destroyed Ganon. His Dark
World will vanish.

The Triforce is waiting for a
new owner. Its Golden Power is
in your hands...

Now, touch it with a wish in
your heart.

Sahasrahla and a couple of the maidens also state that the current Dark World was at one time the Sacred Realm and slowly give you the story of what happened to transform the world.

Link, it is I, Sahasrahla.
I am communicating to you
across the void through

telepathy... The place where
you now stand was the Golden
Land, but evil power turned it

into the Dark World. The
wizard has broken the wise
men's seal and opened a gate

The only other time a reason was given was when you speak to a tree near the Palace of Darkness.
You're new here, aren't you?
Did you come here looking for
the Power Of Gold?

Well, you're too late. It will
obey only the first person who
touches it.

The man who last claimed the
Power Of Gold wished for this
world. It reflects his heart.

The terms used in OoT are a little different, they kept saying evil realm and not Sacred Realm or Dark World. But it does match the ALTTP backstory of the sages sealing Ganondorf in the Dark World until the events of ALTTP.

ハイラルを 創りたまいし 古代の 神々よ! 今こそ 封印の扉 開きて 邪悪なる 闇の化身を 冥府の彼方へ 葬りたまえ!!
Ancient gods who created Hyrule! Open the sealed door now and entomb the evil incarnation of darkness beyond the realm of the dead!!
Ancient Creators of Hyrule! Now, open the sealed door and send the Evil Incarnation of Darkness into the void of the Evil Realm!!

ありがとう リンク… あなたの力で ガノンドロフは 闇の世界に 封印されました。 これで この世界も ふたたび 平和な時を 刻み始めるでしょう。
Thank you, Link… Thanks to your power, Ganondorf has been sealed in the world of darkness. Now this world will once again begin a time of peace.
Thank you, Link... Thanks to you, Ganondorf has been sealed inside the Evil Realm! Thus, peace will once again reign in this world...for a time.

So the triforce did state that the Sacred World took the form of the Dark World because of Ganon. It is likely that it took the form appropriate to what he imagined or what he truly wanted. It did say it grants the wish in the heart and mind of the person who touches it, so it is not necessarily a perfectly granted as the wisher words it type of situation. It might be that Ganondorf's heart and mind were so twisted and evil that it tainted the reflection of his wish. Instead of giving him a Hyrule to rule, it instead created a twisted and evil mockery of Hyrule that could have pleased Ganon even more. Deep down that evil demonic Hyrule populated with monsters and hapless people was what he really wanted.


I believe what Heriod77777 is bringing up is the explanation we get from OoT, not LttP:

Translation of Japanese Game Texts - Legends Alliance Forums - Page 4 said:
聖なる三角の在るところ… 聖地は己の心を映す鏡なり。
The place where the sacred triangle is, the Sacred Realm, is a mirror that reflects one's heart.

The resting place of the sacred triangle, the Sacred Realm, is a mirror that reflects what is in the heart...

そこに 足踏み入れし者の心、邪悪なれば 魔界と化し、清らかなれば 楽園となる。
If the heart of one who enters it is evil, it turns into a Makai [Demon World]; if the heart is pure, it turns into a paradise.

the heart of one who enters it... If an evil heart, the Realm will become full of evil; if pure, the Realm will become a paradise.

魔界, or Makai, is generally what we consider the Dark World when brought up in reference.

And then in WW we get from the King of Red Lions:

Translation of Japanese Game Texts - Legends Alliance Forums - Page 27 said:
ヤツの名は ガノンドロフ
His name is Ganondorf.

His name is...Ganon...

神の力を手に入れ、世界を暗黒の魔界へ 変えようと企み、神の力によって封印された
He obtained the power of the gods, planned on transforming the world into a Makai of darkness, and was sealed by the power of the gods.

...He who obtained the power of the gods, attempted to cover the land in darkness, and was ultimately sealed away by the very power he hoped to command.

いにしえの伝説にある魔界の帝王 それが、あのガノンドロフなのだ
The emperor of the Makai in the ancient legend is that Ganondorf.

He is the very same Ganon... The emperor of the dark realm the ancient legends speak of...

神の封印がなぜ解かれたのか わからぬが 彼奴が蘇った今、再び、世界は邪悪な魔力に 脅かされ始めているのだ
I do not know why the gods’ seal has broken, but, now that he has been revived, the world has once again begun to be threatened by his evil magical powers.

I do not know why the seal of the gods has failed, but now that Ganon has returned, the world is once again being threatened by his evil magic.

That is to say, in WW, the Dark World was vaguely referenced, but called the Dark Realm instead in translation. But since WW is talking about the adult events of OoT, it is safe to say that the Dark Realm that the King of Red Lions is talking about is the Sacred Realm that Ganondorf was sealed up in, which would make sense, since WW is a sequel to OoT. How LttP relates to WW is unclear, though the two aren't likely sequel or prequel to each other, so LttP's explanation of the Dark World doesn't really play into WW or ST.

But continuing on, the Dark Realm is talked about a lot in ST as where Malladus and the Demon Train come from, and since ST is a sequel to WW it probably is talking about the same Dark Realm.

Byrne said:
The Demon Train comes from the Dark Realm. But even Cole didn't know its exact location at first. He had me build a compass using the spirits' power to find the Demon Train in the Dark Realm.
ST Princess Zelda said:
This is the nest of evil, the Dark Realm. Cole is lurking here...somewhere.

It is through all this that I think Heriod77777 is talking about in his original post. In OoT it says that the Sacred Realm turned evil because of Ganondorf's evil heart; in WW the evil Sacred Realm that Ganondorf was said to have been emperor of was translated as the Dark Realm; and in ST Chancellor Cole is involved with and Malladus and the Demon Train are said to have come from the Dark Realm.
Sep 4, 2011
I meant OoT, I just thought of something people mess up on alot. The sages in OoT were a mix of races, in St the sages are all humans. Also the sages are never awakened in the child timeline, leading to spirit like formed sages for TP. Is there a game that states Link has to find a new sages to take the others place?
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Sep 7, 2011
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I meant OoT, I just thought of something people mess up on alot. The sages in OoT were a mix of races, in St the sages are all humans.

The Sages from OoT and the Sages from ST were sages of different things, one being the Sacred Realm and Triforce and the other being the Spirit Tower.

Also the sages are never awakened in the child timeline, leading to spirit like formed sages for TP. Is there a game that states Link has to find a new sages to take the others place?

While I'm a linearist, a possible explaination for thes would be that Link awakened the sages either before he went to Termina or after. He just didn't have to go through the whole dungeons over again.
Sep 4, 2011
no, theres no evidence, in Twilight Princess the sages are like spirits, if you didnt get what I meant, I meant did a Link find new chosen sages that have heirs in ST, or to have more games in the child timeline. I really dont think Link can awaken the sages in OoT as a child.


Aug 24, 2010
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The sages in ST are Locomo. Like Link isn't related to OoT Link, the Locomo aren't related to the OoT sages. Nor to the TP sages. Though the Locomo are spirit-like Sages, they're spirit-like Sages of whatever land New Hyrule was before Tetra claimed it.

There are also other realms that exist that aren't connected to Old Hyrule, that appear to be sacred/dark realms of their respective land masses. Old Hyrule on its own had a few, and I'm certain Labynna and Holodrum had their own alternate realms. Heck a good chunk of Phantom Hourglass could be called into question considering how similar in nature it is to Link's Awakening, yet contains very solid connection to events in Spirit Tracks.

In short the realm Malladus was sealed in wasn't necessarily the same realm Ganon kept getting sealed in.
Aug 17, 2011
Melbourne, Australia
Wait what?

Your OP makes little sense are you saying the darkworld from aLttP and the darkrealm from ST are the same thing? firstly there not secondly Malladus was around before the darkrealm(he tried to take over what would be New Hyrule).

Sorry if you were trying to say something else,
Sep 4, 2011
I believe the sages are different, so Ganon be different and no bulbasaur, I didn't say the dark world is the same as the dark realm or what ever.

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