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3 Heart Runs?



Im new to ZeldaDungeon (obviously)

but what do you guys think about 3 heart runs? im currently doing an Oot one:)

i got to the forest temple and my emulator crashed :/ now im doing it on the console.


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Nov 5, 2007
I did a three heart run of Ocarina when I was waiting for TP to come out and it was a ton o' fun. I never quite beat it 'cause I did a minimum equipment run as well so I only had one bottle and no half damage thing. In other words, Ganondorf would kill me in one hit and I only had one fairy so after two hits it was game over. It was friggin' tough. I beat Ganondorf once or twice, but Ganon beat me every time.

Later I did a three heart of TP and it was significantly easier. It was still kinda tough, but I did actually manage to beat it. I haven't tried any other ones, but I imagine it'd be tougher with some of 'em.


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Jun 8, 2009
I'm currently trying my first three heart run on OoT Masters Quest, and it is friggin HARD!!! on top of that i refuse to get a game over, well it's nearly impossible but when the game over sign pops up i gotta reset (yes i guess this is cheating, trust me i know. i just want a complete file that says 000 on the file select screen). But this does force me to repeat those parts over again until i have i down to perfection.

I have just beaten Jabu-Jabu's belly and am on my way to get the MS.

Wish me luck in the Forest Temple :bow:


Feb 2, 2009
You know, I've always wanted to do a 3 heart run. To be honest, I've never gotten around to it. I don't usually have anything to say, "boast about" in Zelda Games, as I've never made any major accomplishments, really. Although I really like watching 3 heart runs, or any run where you purposely handicap yourself for the challenge. It's just amazing to see what these people can do, and it makes me kind of jealous. I've been thinking of trying a 3-heart run in LoZ, as that's probably my best game, but I doubt I'd get past the 6th dungeon without some practicing.


Yeah, I've done it. I've actually done pretty much every OoT challenge several times, 3 Hearts, Minimal Items, 100%, Uber Challenge, you name it.


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Aug 3, 2009
I personally love these types of challenges, and I try to do minimalist challenges on most games I play. I've done a 3-hearts challenge on OoT, i've also done the uber challenge and a minimalist challenge on OoT. :D I also did a 3-hearts and a minimalist challenge on MM, which was much more difficult than the OoT 3-heart challenge. I recently began a 3-hearts challenge on WW too, I expect it won't be as difficult as the OoT one though.;)
Nov 26, 2008
I like the 3-Heart Challenges. It's a great idea, and would really amp up the difficulty, which is nice as some (or most) of the games can be a bit easy.

I myself haven't done one yet, but intend to soon. I'm currently attempting to complete Master's Quest (not on a 3-Heart Challenge) before I do one.

The order I had in mind for 3-Heart Challenges was:

WW > TP > MC > OoT > MM > MQ


May 24, 2009
Paranaque City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Ah the 3-heart Challenge, a Worthy take on the Legend of Zelda, Not many can survive this type of gameplay but it really shows you how determined you are to Play a Hardcore game of Zelda. Kudos to you Branndon.

If you were able to finish OoT, try TP, then try the Cave of Ordeals, it is really worth a Challenge.

I've done my Fair Share of 3-Heart Challenges Myself.


I can't. I admit, I'm not that good of a gamer. I made it through OoT all the way to Gerudo Desert and the Colossus. I couldn't finish, so I haven't even attempted any of the other games. Cudos to those of you who can do this.


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Jan 9, 2008
Probably somewhere
I've done an OoT three heart run. I personally think it's one of the easier ones that I've done for the games, as there aren't many enemies that are unpredictable and can do more than three hearts of damage in one hit.

I've also done one for TMC as well as one for TP. Minish Cap was a bit more difficult to accomplish without dying, but the only real trouble in Twilight Princess was the miniboss inside of the snow place (I want to call it Snowpeak, but that doesn't sound right...). I didn't know an easy way to avoid his attacks at the time and was running around with half a heart trying to survive XD.


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Aug 20, 2009
The Netherlands
I always wanted to do a 3 heart run because it's more challenging. I think i do alright with Twilight Princess but i think i will fail in some way. I was planning to do a 3 heart run with OoT soon, because everybody was talking about it, so i have to do it. But i never did one before, I'll played the games as the ''normal'', picking up heart pieces, hearth containers and every magic or item. I personally think the problems start with Volvagia, Bongo Bongo and the Iron Knuckle. Volvagia's hits are fatal, one hit and your dead. Bongo Bongo is not in one hit but he's really annoying with his fast moving hands and i have even problems with shooting in his eye...

It sounds really interesting to do this though, i like to watch 3 heart runs from other people and i was always planning to do one, but i haven't enough time to do this or i have to take it easy.

You are awesome to beat Minish Cap with a 3 heart run. In my opinion was this the most difficult game every after A Link to The Past. But those 2D games are more challenging than the 3D Zelda's. I don't think i beat MC ever.

I gonna start with OoT at first, since i know the game the most of them all, after that i try Majora's Mask, but i think Gyorg will kill me all the time since it's such a annoying boss, more the most annoying boss out of the Zelda games. I shall get problems with Twinmold too but it's always more challenging and it makes it a lot harder than normal, but OoT need it since i beat the game without dying and in one or two days.
Anyway good job for beating the 3 heart challenges to everyone. =)
Jun 16, 2008
New York, US
Three-heart runs are definitely more challenging and are a good way of getting more playing time out of an already finished game.

I myself have only done a few. PH was of course very easy, even on the three-heart run. MC was a little harder, but not much. OoT, I only completed by using Nayru's Love while fighting Ganon, so I suppose I kind of cheated a bit there.

I want to do one on MM, because I think that would be pretty darn hard, and I was half-way through TP and WW three-heart runs, but I sold MM and TP and lent WW to someone. Perhaps I'll get around to it one day, though.

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