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zelda botw

  1. H

    Spoiler My thoughts on the LoZ timeline and lore

    The Legend of Zelda has existed as a video game franchise with extensive lore for many, many, many years. And we've figured out most of the timeline and lore. But there are some(correction, so many) things that we still don't understand. Like, sure, many are already in denial that Skyward Sword...
  2. E

    Theory on where the 2 receptacles are. Zelda botw

    Hello, I have a new theorie on where they can be. Remember that in botw, all prodiges had their own divine beast, except link and Zelda. But in the dlc, link had his divine beast (the moto) but Zelda still have nothing. A person said that maybe, the Hyrule castle may be the divine beast of...
  3. TabuuTKS22

    A Possibile Sequel to Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity

    References:- Breath of The Wild, Age of Calamity, All The Trailer of Tears of The Kingdom we got until 15 April 2023 It's 3:00 AM at my place and while in excitement for Tears of The Kingdom a Theory struck my mind that a sequel to Age of Calamity is Possible Let Me Explain In BOTW Link...
  4. H

    A Zelda Story

    What do you think?
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