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  1. Echolight

    Rate the Song Above You

    I'll go first:
  2. C

    Check it out! :D

    Hello lovely people of the internet! I'm the video editor for a YT newer channel that makes Nintendo stuff with Polymer Clay. We just uploaded a video on Purah from Breath of the Wild and have much more Zelda-Related content coming! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZF-XZMD62_o Any support would...
  3. GrooseIsLoose

    Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the cringiest of all?

    I'm very grateful that tiktok is banned here I'd say yt shorts<TikTok<Instagram reels YT and ig would be better off without these features
  4. Vattis_Wrath

    My Zelda Retrospective Series (Feedback requested!)

    Hello everyone! I'm a longtime Zelda fan but haven't been active on ZD - I'd like to change that. During lockdown I started revisiting the whole Zelda series from the beginning and I've been making retrospective videos as I go. I use these videos to discuss what works and doesn't work in each...
  5. GrooseIsLoose

    Leafyishere terminated

    Shockingly, Leafyishere channel was terminated. It's also notable that YouTube may have took his old content into consideration before the ToS and community guidelines were properly laid out. It's unlikely that his channel will be reinstate RIP Leafyishere
  6. GoronGainz

    How many people are you subscribed to on Youtube currently?

    Additionally, do you keep up with everyone you watch? or did you subscribe in general support?
  7. TheMiningSock

    Breath of the Wild Best Bow Shot you've made

    Hey guys, I'm new to the game and to this forum. I was wondering, however, what your best snipe was with a bow. I mean, a FaZe Clan worthy shot. If you have a video of it that would be awesome, otherwise a description of the shot would be cool too. Here's mine...
  8. Dcapo89

    Song of Storms ~ Piano Arrangement set to rainy BoTW landscape footage.

    Hey guys, I run a Youtube Channel that primarily does VGM covers and some original compositions, and this week I posted a solo piano rendition of Song of Storms that I think some of you might enjoy. It just finally started raining here in California, so it feels like perfect timing. This tune is...
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