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  1. NMGD

    My Twili Character (Old)

    Here's some old art of a Twili character I tried to make. His name is Fatei. This was made back when I only had Krita, but now I have a drawing tablet and Clip Studio Paint, so I should try redrawing him sometime!
  2. Echolight

    Midna’s Lament RP Thread (Sign Ups)

    (Spoilers if you haven’t played Twilight Princess) Ok, @Twilight Shadows and I made this rp thread, enjoy <3 After Link defeating Ganon, and Midna closing the only way to the light world, she finally went back to her own realm, The Twilight. Before, she had fallen in love with Link, and maybe...
  3. D

    Is Link in "Twilight Princess" related to the Twili

    The reason I ask or even purpose this therory is because in every game before "Twilight Princess" Link always had a reason to have the Triforce of Courage, in "Ocarina of Time" it is because Ganondorf indirectly gave said piece of the relic to Link by just touching it. The Hero of Twilight never...
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