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tears of the kingdom

  1. H

    Spoiler Gloom vs. Malice???(and related topics discussion)

    Hey guys, it's me again. I know it's been a while, but I've been thinking about some stuff, and I want to discuss this with the wider community. Before going to report me for this being on the wrong forum, I would like to mention that yes, this will include my theories and questions on what I...
  2. H

    Spoiler My thoughts on the LoZ timeline and lore

    The Legend of Zelda has existed as a video game franchise with extensive lore for many, many, many years. And we've figured out most of the timeline and lore. But there are some(correction, so many) things that we still don't understand. Like, sure, many are already in denial that Skyward Sword...
  3. H

    Most Despicable Legend of Zelda Villains(Discussion)(Spoiler Warning?)

    Note: I'm new to Zelda Dungeon, and I don't have a full understanding of this website, so bear with me here guys. Anyway, I was scrolling through TikTok audios I had favorited, and I came upon one that contained some audio from the musical number Cell Block Tango from Chicago(I'm getting to the...
  4. E

    Tears of the Kingdom new easy way to kill lithorok

    Hello, While playing, I've seen a lithorok and wanted to try something with retrospective, I wait for the shoot fo the lithorok and retrospective'd his rock, the rock go bad to him and it was like if we shoot an arrow in his weak spot, he was stunt. But the rock didn't do any damage to him, but...
  5. Milito

    Tears of the Kingdom Finally 100% of 100% of TotK

    Finally complete the 100% of the map D: !! I finally reach that 100% after 3 days of 2.5% missing... the closer i was the far i feel, but finally is done. Thanks to @rogério in the discord server who found my 3 last missing locations. And thanks to all the support and the comunity work and care...
  6. Zonxx_34

    Tears of the Kingdom Can you autobuild this?

    I don't have the autobuild tool yet, and was wondering if anyone could try if they can autobuild something that uses this floating cube thing paying Zonaite or the game doesn't allow you to do so. It would be cool if you can spawn one of this cubes with a rocket attached anywhere.
  7. BloodyRed

    Tears of the Kingdom Anyone else feel like TOTK is just a reskin of everything?

    Ive noticed in the short time I’ve enjoyed the game, every concept is there from BOTW, just with a different look and name, the shrines, the towers, the paraglider, the runes, the tablet you use, its all the same but reskinned. Not complaining though, the game is still awesome.
  8. A Link In Time

    Tears of the Kingdom What Are You Doing in TotK?

    I figured we should have one of these threads to talk about what we're doing in TotK like we had for BotW. Feel free to share your progress in this massive adventure. I just got off the Great Sky Island and had a lot of fun up there.
  9. TabuuTKS22

    A Possibile Sequel to Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity

    References:- Breath of The Wild, Age of Calamity, All The Trailer of Tears of The Kingdom we got until 15 April 2023 It's 3:00 AM at my place and while in excitement for Tears of The Kingdom a Theory struck my mind that a sequel to Age of Calamity is Possible Let Me Explain In BOTW Link...
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