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  1. W

    Z2 sub-7 speedrun

    First and foremost, I'm looking to find out if the Zelda community is even receptive to this speedrun. I've never demo'd one before, am new here, and not competing against any other run. Z2 is a top all-time favorite game of mine. Back in the day I was quite content being able to complete it...
  2. ReverendShadows


    So for my first post here on ZD I figured I'd make it about a subject that I am really interested in lately which is Speedrunning, especially Zelda games. Do any of you speedrun any of the series? If so which ones, I'm very interested in attempting to learn the Any% route for Majora's Mask.
  3. beste-spellen

    Breath of the Wild BoTW blindfolded in 103:43:34

    Twitter | EN source | NL source Game streamer CrystalSaver has finished (rules) Breath of the Wild in a bit less than 104 hours while being blindfolded all the time. I have watched some of the stream and it's funny but primarily very interesting to watch how he plays the game. For me, I find...
  4. Wazurau


    I myself do OoT speedruns. Any of the rest of you guys speedrun any Zelda games?
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