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  1. CyborgElfStephanie

    Do Nintendo fans still get bullied in 2023?

    I could've sworn that the bullying Nintendo fans are over and it's more acceptable in today's society, but is it still happening in middle to high school? I know it's not college since it's acceptable there. Are you guys in middle and high school still get bullied for liking Nintendo in 2023...
  2. D

    Would you like to see an achievement/trophy system on Nintendo Switch or future consoles?

  3. Echolight

    What video game series would you like to see Nintendo animate next?

    With Nintendo buying an animation studio and renaming it Nintendo Pictures, and also making the Mario Movie, I've been getting really excited at the prospect of them making more adaptions for other video games series. I think it's obvious that one of the ones a lot of us probably want is zelda...
  4. C

    Check it out! :D

    Hello lovely people of the internet! I'm the video editor for a YT newer channel that makes Nintendo stuff with Polymer Clay. We just uploaded a video on Purah from Breath of the Wild and have much more Zelda-Related content coming! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZF-XZMD62_o Any support would...
  5. Bowsette Plus-Ultra

    Idle Games

    So, I started playing Cookie Clicker on a whim recently. It's a fairly simple game in concept: click on a big cookie, produce more cookies, and buy upgrades that allow for you to produce more cookies without having to click on your one big cookie. I've always looked at the genre as something...
  6. Fig

    Nintendo Announcing Wii U/3DS eshops no Longer Accepting Credit/Debit Payments Starting January 18th 2022

    Nintendo JP's official Twitter just announced that the Wii U and 3DS eshops will no longer be accepting payments through credit or debit cards starting January 18th, 2022. It doesn't mean you won't be able to buy games after the 18th, you still can buy games with pre-paid eshop cards you can buy...
  7. Echolight

    Nintendo Do you prefer to play your Switch docked or handheld?

    I always play it docked. It’s mostly because my joycons are super drifty so I play with a pro controller, but that’s not the only reason haha. I also love seeing a bigger image of the game, especially when I play Ori. The beautiful hand-drawn backgrounds have to be seen in the biggest and best...
  8. Bowsette Plus-Ultra

    Pre-ordering Games

    How do you guys feel about pre-ordering games? I know it's become common practice in the video game scene, with publishers proudly touting that games are now available to pre-order (even when they're sometimes years away from release), but I've never been a fan of it. I don't like the idea of...
  9. GoronGainz

    Fire Emblem Thoughts on Support Conversations?

    Do you enjoy this aspect of the Fire Emblem series? Any memorable supports you enjoyed? or seeing 2 characters interact that you found entertaining? Any characters you wished had interacted? What are your general thoughts & feelings regarding them?
  10. GoronGainz

    Splatoon Do you miss Splatfests?

    The Splatfests on the original Splatoon were always my favourite part of that game. Not just the change in soundtrack, plaza & teams but the general buzz surrounding them. Tons of Miiverse art everywhere. Some amazing, some not. All the online debates about such random things. Whether it be...
  11. GoronGainz

    Fire Emblem Fire Emblem 3 Houses: Build your house

    Build your own class from the students of Fire Emblem 3 houses. You can pick & choose members from any of the 3 houses to form your own. Whether you pick people who'd be useful, fun to hang out with or strong is entirely up to you. Rules: No members of the Church of Seiros/Faculty members...
  12. GoronGainz

    Fire Emblem Classic or Casual? (Fire Emblem)

    I know there are some fans of Fire Emblem that don't care for the casual mode in the newer games thinking that it takes away from the experience of the older games. But I've seen & heard some of these fans say that if one of their favourite/most useful character dies they'd just reset the...
  13. GoronGainz

    Anyone excited for the Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition?

    Absolutely love Xenoblade Chronicles!!! One of my favourite games of all time and the fact that it's gonna be not just ported but remastered onto switch makes me so excited to replay the world with an up to date lens. Anyone else looking forward to it? Any moments, areas, characters, cutscenes...
  14. GoronGainz

    Can you get lean like Link?

    Ever look at Breath of the Wild's Link & think "I wish I had a body like that"? Whether you're wanting to slim down, tone up or just get fitter. I've taken at look at Link's lifestyle from Breath of the wild to see what we can do to look more like him. (Advice applicable to all genders)...
  15. SuperNintendoLand

    Super Nintendo Land Project | A Stand-alone Nintendo Theme Park

    Hello everybody! I have come here to present a project of mine which you may be interested in. This is my idea of what a perfect, fully Nintendo, theme park would look like. This includes Zelda, Mario, Donkey Kong, Metroid, and (yes) Sonic. Please check out the link which shows the many rides...
  16. P

    Nintendo doesn't support Skyward Sword Zelda

    So, after Skyward Sword was released, Nintendo seemed to have been ignoring Skyward Sword Zelda in favor of Skyward Sword Link. They didn't include her clothes in Smash U but they included SS Link's clothes, they didn't release an amiibo of her yet but they did to SS Link, they didn't even...
  17. Nicolai

    [SPOILERS] Super Mario Odyssey Challenge Thread

    Hi yall! If you're like me, you loved everything about SMO... except for it's lack of true difficulty. The good news is that SMO's good old-fashioned sandbox nature makes it incredibly fun to create challenges of your own! I've decided to make this an open thread for anyone to share and...
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