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  1. Echolight

    Zelda Orchestra

    (Here you go @Dizzi :pikalove: ) I was listening to a Zelda concert from 2018, and I thought to myself, 'What if all the instruments were being played by Zelda characters?' the first characters that came to mind were Zelda and Link obviously. Zelda playing a harp and Link playing a ocarina...
  2. Echolight

    Do you want link to have an instrument in BotW 2?

    (Az gave me inspiration for this, so, thanks Az! ❤️) So, I think if he had an instrument in BotW 2 would be very nice. I don’t think I was particularly disappointed when he didn’t have one in BotW, because I was just so amazed at the world I saw before me, and being able to do all this stuff...
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