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  1. Moein.Z


    هنر من از باراکا در مورتال کامبترا
  2. AerialLink

    Presenting the world's smallest Hylian

    So, playing skyward sword and breath of the world has incited me towards developing my own fan character in either one of those worlds but, rather humourously, I went against the stigma of your average sized character. Without further ado... meet Stabil Eqos. Consequently, the world's smallest...
  3. C

    Check it out! :D

    Hello lovely people of the internet! I'm the video editor for a YT newer channel that makes Nintendo stuff with Polymer Clay. We just uploaded a video on Purah from Breath of the Wild and have much more Zelda-Related content coming! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZF-XZMD62_o Any support would...
  4. Sinkin

    Pixel Art Project [OoT]

    Hi, I’m new here on ZD, but certainly not new when it comes to Zelda. I’ve been a fan of the series for a long time. My first experience with the series was when I first played Link’s Awakening DX on my yellow Gameboy Color and I loved every second of it. My favorite game is of course Ocarina of...
  5. Echolight

    Art Sharing Thread

    Share art you enjoy! (Nothing inappropriate and please credit the artist if you can.)
  6. D

    Hyrule Legends - An addendum to the trilogy of books

    Hey oh, long time Zelda fan here, I normally don't frequent forums much though. So I've got both Hyrule Historia and Art & Artifacts, am eagerly awaiting for Hyrule Encyclopedia. Other than that, I recently bought Hyrule Warriors Legends Prima Guide and I must say I'm a bit disappointed. You...
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