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  1. Echolight

    What video game series would you like to see Nintendo animate next?

    With Nintendo buying an animation studio and renaming it Nintendo Pictures, and also making the Mario Movie, I've been getting really excited at the prospect of them making more adaptions for other video games series. I think it's obvious that one of the ones a lot of us probably want is zelda...
  2. olibriss

    Les Amis - Animated Short

    Hey guys! I’ve been around for some time now but never joined, I am really glad to put a first step into this community! This thread is not Zelda explicitely related, but I think some of you might appreciate as it is heavily Nintendo/platformer inspired (Banjo-Kazooie, Yoshi's Island, Super...
  3. Echolight

    Which Zelda game would you want to be made into an anime?

    We already have Legend of Zelda manga, but what about anime? What Zelda game would you want to be made into an anime the most? Do you want a giant series of anime covering all the games in timeline order, or something else? I feel like Twilight Princess would make a great anime to me. I don’t...
  4. iLuvZelda&Animation

    Breath of the Wild Finally Finished Breath of the Wild Animation!

    Hey guys, I'm pretty new here but I have been working on this vid for the past 3 months and it would be really awesome if you checked it out!
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