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  1. BombchuPwns!

    What is Your Favorite TV Show?

    Hetalia and the 1990's game show Legends of The Hidden Temple. The best game show you will ever see in your life!
  2. BombchuPwns!

    Nook or Kindle?

    I use a Kindle (the ads version) just because I needed a simple way to read. Also, its bright in the sunlight!
  3. BombchuPwns!

    Choclate or Vanilla Cake?

    Chocolate. But I also like red velvet!
  4. BombchuPwns!

    Favorite Soup

    New England clam chowder! It's delicious! Oh, and wonton soup. :)
  5. BombchuPwns!

    Jello or Yogurt?

    I voted for both, but I prefer frozen yogurt! *SO GOOD*
  6. BombchuPwns!

    Hobbit's Attempts at Being Graphical

    This is great! Keep up the good work!
  7. BombchuPwns!

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

    I'm listening to Sexy and I Know It by LMFAO!
  8. BombchuPwns!

    What's Your Ringtone?

    Mine is the song Spectronizer by Sentai Express!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. BombchuPwns!


    Well, ever since I've been on ZD, I've always loved gerudogirl. She is the funniest person I've had ever met. Where are you, sweetie? I miss you!!!
  10. BombchuPwns!

    Does Anyone Here Love Hetalia????

    I recently became a fan of the anime Hetalia: Axis Powers, and I am HOOKED! The characters are great, and its a great idea. Does anyone here also watch Hetalia??? ITALY LOVES PASTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. BombchuPwns!

    Zelda Art Zeldahuman's Official Art Shop

    Hey ZH... I have a request.... Type" Avatar Size: the size of yours Text: in green font: PASTA!!!!!!!!! Description: Italy from Hetalia Axis Powers screaming (here's a pic u can use)
  12. BombchuPwns!

    Spoiler What Did You Do with the Love Letter?

    I gave it to Phoebe, the girl in the toliet. I wanted to see Cawlin's reaction!
  13. BombchuPwns!

    Zelda Art Hand Painted Majora's Mask Shoes!

    Those are awesome? Do you sell them?
  14. BombchuPwns!

    Nintendo Gives Answers to Link Having a Voice!

    Awesome dude! Link should'nt have a voice in my opinion, he's just that type of person, he's the silent hero.
  15. BombchuPwns!

    Zelda Art Zeldahuman's Official Art Shop

    Hey dude. Do you still make animated signatures? If so, here: gif: gif of link drinking from a bottle from OoT picture: you can use this, just make the bottle smaller size: about the size of your old sig Text: Sometimes, even a hero can get thirsty.... Thanks!
  16. BombchuPwns!

    Link Plush Doll Giveaway - Favorite Funny Zelda Quote

    Oh? Link, I see you have a nice stick there! Can I borrow it for a second?- Tarin, Link's Awakening
  17. BombchuPwns!

    Zelda Art Majora's Mask Pieces - Operation Moonfall

    Oh my god, this amazing!!!! You're such a great artist!!!!!!!
  18. BombchuPwns!

    Most Difficult Zelda Boss?

    Yes, so true! I beat him two weeks ago, and I wanted to beat him without cheating... but I chickened out and went in the corner.
  19. BombchuPwns!

    Ocarina of Time OoT for Noobs

    Hey, you can use ONE OF YOUR BOTTLES to repel Ganondorf's attacks! Yeah, defeat the King of Evil with an applesauce jar!
  20. BombchuPwns!

    Zelda Art Zeldahuman's Official Art Shop

    Hey dude, can I have a blog button with a bombchu and in front of the Bombchu, "Jordon's Random Blog"? Size: about the size of Josie's. Thanks! (Also, can you tell me how to put it on? I don't know how....
  21. BombchuPwns!

    Will We Ever See Horse Head Again?

    Well, Zelda 2 is one of my favorite Zelda games, and my favorite boss was Horse Head. It was cool, seeing a mutated knight with a horse's head. I just thought: do you think we'll ever see him again??? Not only in 2D Zelda games, but 3D ones like Skyward Sword! If we did, the fight would be like...
  22. BombchuPwns!

    Atsuma's Trade Shop

    Hey, Ats, any reference to PAL means the European version of the game.
  23. BombchuPwns!

    Four Swords 3DS Four Swords-Single Player, Realm of Memories

    Okay, so i got the bombs, and killed the moblins in the surrounding fence(?) of balls. The key appeared, but I can't get it. I can toss bombs over it, but ii can't toss Likk. Any suggestions?
  24. BombchuPwns!

    ZeldaHunter's House of Userbars

    Thanks again! It's awesome!
  25. BombchuPwns!

    ZeldaHunter's House of Userbars

    I got a request! Can I please have a blue userbar with the words Sweet Tea addict and a picture (or two) of sweet tea? Heres an image you can use----->
  26. BombchuPwns!

    Attempt to Be the Largest Thread in DGN History

    Okay, what is this???????????????
  27. BombchuPwns!

    General Art The Real Gerudogirl Art Thread

    Wow, very nice! I love it!
  28. BombchuPwns!

    General Art The Real Gerudogirl Art Thread

    Hey!!! I have a Gender Bender Request! How about a female Vaati???
  29. BombchuPwns!

    Spoiler Why is Link Called Link?

    Wow, I never knew that "Link meant left in Greman..... What a coinededence!
  30. BombchuPwns!

    deleted thread

    I get bullied because of this at school. People tell me, " No one gives a **** about Zelda" , Zelda sucks, Zelda's gay, I always tell them to shut up, but they wont listen.... :kawaii:
  31. BombchuPwns!

    Spoiler Why is Link Called Link?

    Why is Link named "Link"? It has fastinated me ever since I started playing Zelda... Such a strange name that Link is... My theory is that he is called that because Link, in a sense, is a link through time, because each and every hero that once saved Hyrule carries the Spirit of the original...
  32. BombchuPwns!

    Spoiler Nintendo Power Article Reveals New Info!

    Thank you! This is awesome ZH!
  33. BombchuPwns!

    Zelda Art Zeldahuman's Official Art Shop

    Hey I got a request. It sounds irrevealent, but..... Type: Signature Size: about the same size as yours Despription: a picture of Link drinking sweet tea Text: In Red: BombchuPwns! ZD's Sweet Tea Lover Thanks!
  34. BombchuPwns!

    Zelda Art Zeldahuman's Official Art Shop

    Hey dude! I would like a userbar! I want a red background, with BombchuPwns! and a picture of a bombchu. Thanks!
  35. BombchuPwns!

    ALttP in Four Swords?

    I hope so! That would be awesome! But as TheMinish said, it will probably be an ambassodor game later on.
  36. BombchuPwns!

    Ocarina of Time Just an Idea!??

    Yeah, same with you Azure.... I mean, that would be a cool idea, but as Heroine of Time also said, Nintendo already has enough remakes.
  37. BombchuPwns!


    Wow! Havent realized that! Zelda's probalbly going to say, "Do you really mean this, Link?" It would be interesting though, maybe they can get married at the end of the game!
  38. BombchuPwns!

    The Party Thread.

    I ask the bartender for some pina colada *hic*
  39. BombchuPwns!

    Count to 100 Before a Mod Posts

    111. This is odd...... ..........................
  40. BombchuPwns!

    Link's Awakening Color Dungeon: Red or Blue?

    Yes, MahBoi, I agree with the same. Also, Pikacondon, if you want a challenge: Don't get any tunic upgrades. Don't get the Level Two Sword. If any drops a Piece of Power or a Guardian Acorn, don't pick it up. In my opinion, its a pretty tough thing to conquer.
  41. BombchuPwns!

    Spoiler Something Not Seen

    This is AWESOME! If thereis really magnectic gloves, It would the second time they ever appeared in the Zelda Series.
  42. BombchuPwns!

    Hylian Shield?

    My theory is: the Skyloft Symbol is the red bird, and skyloft and Hyrule are going to join together. What do u think?
  43. BombchuPwns!

    Ocarina of Time Why Was There No Temple to Win to Get the Light Medallion in OoT?

    Well, I think its probalbly one of those "to start off your collection, you get a so-and-so!" type of thing.
  44. BombchuPwns!

    Ocarina of Time Light Medallion Quest -GLITCHQUEST-

    I never heard of this..... Awesomeness awaits!
  45. BombchuPwns!

    1000 Things to Do when You Are Bored.

    322. Buy a large bottle of soy sauce,(enough to fill a soda bottle) empty a bottle of coke, and dump the soy sauce in bottle. Leave it in the fridge for someone to drink. :)
  46. BombchuPwns!

    Ocarina of Time Your Favorite Powered Up Arrows!

    Mine are the fire arrows, I love burning stuff up!
  47. BombchuPwns!

    Ocarina of Time Dark Link Secret?

    Me neither, never discovered this until now lol.
  48. BombchuPwns!

    Spoiler Most Useless Item

    Hey guys! Whats the most useless item in the whole series! Mine is the ice arrows from ocarina of time. Whats your pick?
  49. BombchuPwns!

    Ocarina of Time How Do You Get Easy Rupees?

    If you kill the skull kids (which is prettty tough) you get a huge ruppee! Obviously smashing pots! What about you guys?
  50. BombchuPwns!

    Spoiler About the Kokiri

    These are good theories... I like JucieJ's the best, thank you.
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