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    Majora's Mask in ALBW?

    I suppose it's understandable that you've focused on the colourful mask in that screenshot. Nevermind the broom (LA) or the raft (Z1/2), and I'm sure the rupee satchel will come to some play later, right? I get the feeling that place is gonna be packed with items we've seen before.
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    How is C.O.D Better Than LOZ

    I hear people comparing a lot of videogames to COD. None are shmups, most are Nintendo. Both are fine. The audiences are just different.
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    Spoiler Where Did Navi Go and Why?

    ... Still missing the point? I'm not saying it's not Navi, I'm not saying nobody knows (I said the opposite in what you quoted for example). I responded to someone who demanded to know why Navi was so heavily referred to only to be unimportant... by reminding them that she wasn't given a direct...
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    Spoiler Where Did Navi Go and Why?

    My point is that they never used Navi's name. They didn't use Navi as the direct springboard for MM, only a 'lost friend' which becomes inconsequential pretty quick. We all know it was Navi, and those who are unsure usually didn't hear the sound effect. But she's still never directly referred...
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    Spoiler Where Did Navi Go and Why?

    They didn't use Navi's name at all, only implied it was her with the fairy flying sound effect, and referring to the person he's looking for as a friend.
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    Spoiler The Wind Fish

    We haven't seen the otherwise-unnamed Wind Fish himself since LA, but we've seen Wind-Fish-like entities. Jabu Jabu carries a very similar style, for instance, and (spoiler alert)
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    Spirit Tracks Zelda Trains. Zelda Trains? Zelda Trains!

    PH isn't original either, for many reasons. The only thing it brought to the table for the series were the dedicated touch controls. As someone who doesn't like ST I can still agree that it tried to change things up a bit with what limits it had. But yes I wouldn't have called ST unique...
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    Ocarina of Time What OoT 3D Did Wrong

    2 games out of 16+ games does not a dark series make.
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    General Zelda Where Did the Kokiri Go in the Defeated and the Child Timeline?

    After the 7-year hibernation in OoT, you go back to the village and see monsters have made homes there. Their safety was already in jeopardy before the game had ended. So it's safe to say that when Link fails, the village does, too. Much like other races that are no longer prevalent, like the...
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    Ocarina of Time What OoT 3D Did Wrong

    Only that's not accurate. OoT's remake wasn't improving a smudge. A more accurate simile would be an artist who drew something good, but they knew they could do better. Artists do this often, illustrators as well. You can love an image, but the artist will see everything wrong and know they can...
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    Ocarina of Time What OoT 3D Did Wrong

    I'd rather they poured their love into a remake, to get across their intentions for everyone to enjoy, than throw out another 10 ports that only those with nostalgia glasses will enjoy. They've done both. The remake is fine.
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    Ocarina of Time What OoT 3D Did Wrong

    Did you know you can turn down the brightness, that'll take the edge off the colour. That aside the handheld titles have to carry a strong contrast to be seen in all brightness, screen-wise and day-wise. While we're not in the days where we need everything in luminous like GBA titles, a...
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    Defeated Timeline (work in Progress...)

    And other than 3 traders the Goron species dispersed to places well beyond the Great Sea above Hyrule. And the zora were forced to adapt to the sky and became bird people. Then you've got less Hylian people as well (relegated to 'those with pointy ears'). There's also no more Kokiri, they all...
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    Defeated Timeline (work in Progress...)

    If it occurred the exact same way, a lot of things wouldn't be accounted for still. It's why I'm thinking about this so much and why the theory's still a work in progress. If it all occurred the same way, then there would be no 'rewound' timeline at all. Because what's the point if nothing...
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    Defeated Timeline (work in Progress...)

    The maidens (LttP) were all Hylian. The intro to LttP shows 7 Hylian Sages. Ergo the sages awoken in the Defeated Timeline may not have been the same as the Sages awoken in playable OoT. Given that the Zoras are all monsters, and the Goron don't even have a species we can liken them to, then we...
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    Defeated Timeline (work in Progress...)

    Ganon smacking Link down: The 'dream' Link gets. If that didn't happen on the rewound timeline, this whole concept would be pointless. Don't forget if we view this as an echo, this had to have happened at some point on the defeated timeline. Pulling of the MS: There would be no other way into...
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    Defeated Timeline (work in Progress...)

    As I've said previously how the rewound timeline actually plays out would be harder to establish as a result of us not playing it. There are key factors that definitely happen (Ganon smacking Link down when he leaves the gates, pulling of the MS, 7 years, and the Final Battle, as well as...
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    General Zelda The Looks Department

    OoT3DS doesn't ask me to readjust my screen because, for whatever reason, the devs decided to make the game dark in a very literal aspect. And I'm not talking "It's the twilight realm!", though frankly a stronger contrast between twilight and normal Hyrule would have been more impressive than...
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    General Zelda Video Game Darwinism

    Evolve how? You ask about whether it should evolve with technology, but considering the last 3 handheld titles and the last 3 console titles, it has grown with them. The technology is gimmicky, and this causes missteps, yes, but that's not all the fault of the games. Many titles desperately...
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    General Zelda The Triforce

    Yeah you don't get the piece you desire. If you did Ganon would still have the whole thing. The pieces go to the person that best represents them. How they return to one form, is sketchy, but does happen.
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    WW-Wii U Wind Waker: 8 Kokiris

    You mean the Koroks? What about them are you looking for? Where they're located when they scatter? Or are you looking for similarities between the 8 Koroks and the Kokiris from OoT?
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    General Zelda Favorite Villain?

    Funnily enough I was gonna go with Nightmare from LA -- the only one you didn't include. ;) There was more to them than being a dream. Koholint was a dream, the people were a dream... The nightmare that kept them asleep, less so. A force that kept the Wind Fish down to feed off his energy...
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    General Modern Shoudl Vaati Return As a Bigger Villain?

    I don't think he should return, no. Don't get me wrong, though; I love Vaati as a villain. He got decent origins, a goal, and steadily grew more and more monstrous, and more mindless, as his story progressed (much like Ganon on the defeated timeline). His only concerns with Zelda were the...
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    General Zelda When's the Last Time You Saw a Gerudo?

    Four Sword Adventures had Gerudo in.
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    Defeated Timeline (work in Progress...)

    For those I may have confused with poor wording: * the timeline (defeated) plays out prior to OoT. How it play out is speculative, though I'd imagine anything we deem 'paradox' starts here. * Link is defeated on this timeline, in a battle against Ganon (as stated in Hyrule Historia). This...
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    Defeated Timeline (work in Progress...)

    I'm not saying that dream is where Link dies. If you'd looked beyond that bolded line you'd see that I even expanded on this. I acknowledge what the HH is telling us, that the defeat would have come from the final battle -- a version we didn't get to play. If you consider how the plot works...
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    General Zelda Link's Gender

    The problem with what you're saying there is that Link's gender defines him, which is not the case. He's a hero in a loosely-medieval World who runs around with a sword and a silly hat, proving his courage to save the Princess and the Kingdom. His gender is inconsequential, and frankly since his...
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    Defeated Timeline (work in Progress...)

    No problem, and I'm happy people are thinking about it. :) Occam's Razor is "the simplest answer". If there are multiple theories linking A to B, then the simplest one must be right. This was said of the Shrine Maidens being the same as the LttP Maidens, Jabun being Jabu Jabu, Link and Zelda...
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    Phantom Hourglass Do You Like the Temple of the Ocean King?

    If there wasn't a timer even replaying floors wouldn't be so horrible. But that you did have to keep repeating floors over-and-over, especially if you've not afforded yourself enough time in later floors (once you have the save point) just made the whole process tedious. EDT:... I recognise...
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    Connection Between Hyrule and Termina: Lost Woods and Fairies

    Unlike other Hylians, Link would have had the blessing/protection of the Deku Tree/sprout. If he didn't have that protection how would he have gone so long through the woods, as a kid and an adult, without turning? I doubt his simply having a fairy would have sufficed all that time. I suspect...
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    Defeated Timeline (work in Progress...)

    They definitely helped, but what pushed it along in OoT was Ganondorf poisoning the Deku Tree to get ahold of the stones. Here's a post I wrote on this idea a little while back for reference. It's inevitable that on his quest for power, Ganondorf would try to get his hands on an ultimate source...
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    Defeated Timeline (work in Progress...)

    That may have been me. :) As far as Ganondorf already having the ToP, I wouldn't contest this. HH also states that the split -- all 3 aspects -- happen during that final battle. We know that the games after each of the splits reveals that Ganon either had a piece of, all of, or very soon wound...
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    Spoiler Where Did Navi Go and Why?

    She then gets her memory back after you complete a certain dungeon (you don't have all of Ciela to start with). She's all her own fairy, nothing to do with Navi.
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    General Zelda What Music from Any Zelda Game is Your Favorite?

    Tal Tal Heights (LA) and the first time you enter the Dark World (LttP) were the first two to spring to mind, though there are some wonderful songs in the later games, too.
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    What Would Happen if an Evil Being Tried to Wield the Master Sword?

    Those who are not worthy, cannot wield it. Even those who are not evil cannot budge the sword when it's in its pedestal. We see that in LttP, before you get all the pendants. So evil beings don't stand a chance near the thing.
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    General Zelda How Well Do You Know The Zelda Series?

    I'm quite familiar with the series, but I wouldn't consider myself a well of knowledge by any means.
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    General Zelda Are You Tired of Used Dungeon Themes?

    I'm not concerned with repeated dungeon themes. I am concerned with repeat puzzles. When the same type of sliding block puzzle and sliding floor puzzles show up in various titles, I find myself a tad disappointed. Same with repeat bosses with the same patterns.
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    General Zelda Do You Name Link?

    The first time I'm playing, I won't. The first file is, usually, Link. The next file, I'll give it my personal 'default' name (not my own).
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    General Zelda Which Zelda Title Has The Best Name?

    Oracle of Seasons. Followed by Majora's Mask.
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    Can Some One Explain the Time Line to Me Rly Simple?

    Yes. You're not helping by overcomplicating it by adding inaccurate gestures of time travel.
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    Can Some One Explain the Time Line to Me Rly Simple?

    Unfortunately this is only going to go in circles the longer you cling to a single-timeline concept. I'll say it again, nothing gets erased. Nothing stops anything else from continuing on. Arguing against that is only making this more complex than it needs to be and dragging out the discussion.
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    Can Some One Explain the Time Line to Me Rly Simple?

    Nothing stops because Link isn't in it. Would it be the same if Ganondorf was sent back in time? If Tingle was sent back in time? If irrelevant NPC #12 was sent back in time? No, because it wouldn't make sense. If going back in time was going to erase everything, then OoT wouldn't work at all...
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    Can Some One Explain the Time Line to Me Rly Simple?

    The issue is that nothing's come off the metaphorical chalkboard. Nothing's been erased, that's been made painfully clear since the talk of timelines came up years ago. Everything people assumed had been retconned out, as it turned out, was all still there. Even the stuff that was downright...
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    General Zelda Out of Sixteen

    9 on my list, with 3 I haven't played so they don't count. 9 out of 13 ain't bad. (AoL, FS and SS are on the 'not played' list and I'm sure opinions will change as I go back over titles).
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    General Zelda In Regards to the Collector's Edition of HH on Craigslist...

    If they were selling the books at only a minor increase it'd be acceptable and then yes, the people complaining would just be bitter that they hadn't thought of it first. But the insane mark-up just artificially forces up the price of the books, meaning next time runs of this sort happen, the...
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    General Zelda When Was the Last Time You *seriously* Played a Zelda Game?

    About a week ago. However that petered off as work took over, and I'm back to where I was last time I wanted to play this game.
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    WW-Wii U Day/night Cycle

    Time passes when you're sailing. It won't pass when you've approached certain islands, and until you leave that square it won't start running again. Not all the islands go through this however, only ones with events (Forsaken Fortress, Dragonroost, Outset, Windfall, etc.). Time will keep running...
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    General Zelda Returning To The Central Dungeon Idea

    I am okay with a central point which you may wind up revisiting. I'd almost be okay with it being a dungeon. But I don't expect to have to go back every time I finish a totally different dungeon. It is awkward, it is repetitive, and it quickly becomes a chore. Especially if your means of...
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    General Zelda The One Handheld Title That Should Have Been a Home Console Instalment

    Agreeing with Minish Cap, that one really could have been so much more immense with the extra space a console could give. And I think someone mentioned Spirit Tracks? Yes to that as well. If nothing else they'd have cut out the gimmicks, which effectively killed the game for me.
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    General Zelda Biggest Limitation of the Zelda Franchise

    The items are both a plus and a bust. Having items you can use frequently is great, especially when you find yourself using them in other dungeons or the overworld to find secrets. But there's also the batch of items that are effectively one-dungeon-only, or get so little use anywhere else in...
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