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  1. DarkestLink

    What would you like to see in the next BotW2 trailer?

    Gameplay. I don't care to see a story that will ultimately be given no attention and tossed aside in the final product.
  2. DarkestLink

    What rules or principals do you have when buying games?

    Money isn't tight. I'm just very stingy, bore easily, and have a bad habit of seeing games through in an attempt to justify my purchase, even if they bore me to tears....as such my general rule is to treat each game purchase like a car purchase in terms of research and consideration.
  3. DarkestLink

    Breath of the Wild Breath of the Wild. I can not comprehend why this game exists.

    This was never important to begin with. LoZ itself is a pretty linear game, with most of the "non-linearity" coming from sequence breaking that would only be available if you used a guide or had already beaten the game and had knowledge of these things. At this point it would no longer be a...
  4. DarkestLink

    Breath of the Wild Breath of the Wild. I can not comprehend why this game exists.

    It exists because: 1) Aonuma doesn't want to make a game the Zelda fans wanted. 2) The Zelda games Aonuma wanted to make weren't doing well. At least as far as sales goes, Zelda was regressing horribly. Breath of the Wild is actually the best of both worlds in that regard. By completely...
  5. DarkestLink

    Do you have a console bias for some series?

    Usually I hate playing on the PC due how unreliable it is, but with TES games....console commands are a must.
  6. DarkestLink

    Zelda's Role

    If the more recent Zeldas are any indications....damsel in distress. And this Zelda is pretty bland as it is, so I can't see them giving her a more active role.
  7. DarkestLink

    How would you change the overworld for BotW2?

    1) Start over. 2) Build the content first. And then build the world as needed. No more. No mass expanses of empty space that gives the player nothing to do. No lazy copy/pasted content in a desperate attempt to fill an overworld that's way too big for it. 3) Make it feel like a world, not a...
  8. DarkestLink

    Enjoying the grind

    Seems like an oxymoron. Grinding, by design, is meant to be dull tedious work. It has no place in gaming IMO and the only sensible use of it is in MMOs in which the developer's goal is to: 1) Waste as much as your time as possible, so you spend money longer. 2) Incentivize you to spend more...
  9. DarkestLink

    Can you take a compliment?

    Not really...and the strange thing is, I can't tell if it's because I'm too humble or too arrogant. It's hard to describe, but I suppose one example is that I tend not to view myself as intelligent...rather I consider myself to be "normal" and just about everyone else to be an idiot. A very...
  10. DarkestLink

    Smash Bros Smash Bros Ultimate

    Ashamed to admit, when I first saw it I was like "Android 17 is joining Smash, wtf?"
  11. DarkestLink

    Favorite Zelda Stage in Smash Brothers?

    Tier A 1. Bridge of Eldin 2. Temple Tier B 3. Gerudo Valley Tier C 4. Hyrule Castle 5. Great Bay 6. Skyloft Tier D 7. Great Plateau Tower Tier F 8. Spirit Train 9. Pirate Ship
  12. DarkestLink

    Breath of the Wild Are the enemies in BotW cute?

    Definitely agree...although this isn't something I view with fondness.
  13. DarkestLink

    Zelda's Unbroken Bloodline Is ABSURD

    Probably the same reason why Gerudo keep getting female members who look like them. If I had to guess, very strong genetics. In this case, the genetics of a literal goddess passing down the same gender as well as the exact same recessive traits (blonde hair with blue eyes) without fail. In the...
  14. DarkestLink

    Zelda's Unbroken Bloodline Is ABSURD

    Your bloodline lasted for several thousand years. Just sayin'.
  15. DarkestLink

    What Is Your Reason For Staying With "Zelda Dungeon"?

    It's not a toxic cesspool like Reddit or, to a lesser extent, GameFAQs. I can say I think your favorite game is a piece of garbage and expect a genuine conversation out of it instead of some fanboy screeching "TROLL ALERT! X game is objectively good! Nobody can disagree with this!" And I...
  16. DarkestLink

    Breath of the Wild Do you love or hate Revali? And why?

    Pretty much this. He's not enough of a character for me to feel particularly strongly in one way or another. Probably hated her for the same reason most people in Hyrule did. She was being lazy when it came to her own duties. And to add insult to injury, you have someone asking you to put your...
  17. DarkestLink

    The Wind Waker is pretty dark, in hindsight.

    Oh I know about some of the dark themes...the problem IS the graphic style. That's why I'm not fond of tWW's style tbh. OoT, MM, tWW, TP....they're all lighthearted games IMO. The difference is that OoT, MM, and TP could have dark moments. tWW....couldn't. Either because the graphic style...
  18. DarkestLink

    What Annoyed You Today?

    It's so weird, I normally don't care if I win or lose--hell I usually enjoy losing as long as I had fun, but Splatoon just has this...special way of making me question humanity.
  19. DarkestLink

    What Annoyed You Today?

    Played Splatoon for the first time in ages. Was paired with obnoxiously stupid teammates. Spent half an hour after the match wondering how these people managed to dress themselves in the morning.
  20. DarkestLink

    Mario Maker Courses

    Super Meowser Maker: DBM-FWT-9PG
  21. DarkestLink

    Breath of the Wild Did anyone else hate the voice acting?

    It's an Open World, it needs a story but...I feel they just told it in the worst and laziest way possible. Something more like MM's sidequests with more interesting NPC dialogue and less cutscenes would have been better.
  22. DarkestLink

    What do you look for in a game you've bought?

    Depends on the game. Platformers, Fighting, Action Adventure, and Open World games all have different standards. Take combat for example. I generally want good combat, but if it's an RPG I care less for how well crafted the combat is and more how well it suits strategy or roleplaying depending...
  23. DarkestLink

    Arms and Splatoon 2 end their online events, will Switch see their sequels?

    God I hope not....the playerbase is already too small as it is and a sequel would be pointless.
  24. DarkestLink

    VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 365!

    Goat Herder and Blacksmith. I might have given Blacksmith the edge since it would give Link more of a background with swords, but they didn't do much with it at all.
  25. DarkestLink

    What is the most useless item in the series?

    What the hell? Hawkeye is one of the most useful items in the series.
  26. DarkestLink

    What's Your Top Ten Worst/Disappointing Games You've Personally Played?

    Worst or most disappointing? There is a difference. Oh well, in no particular order... Zelda's Adventure(Worst): Honestly this is the only CD-i game I felt was actually that bad. The others were a bit shoddy and cheap, but still have a "so bad it's good" quality to it. And to be fair, so does...
  27. DarkestLink

    What is the most useless item in the series?

    Probably the spinner. To be honest though, it's not that Nintendo didn't bother utilize it. They went out of their way to use it in most of the subsequent dungeons. It just didn't have that much potential to begin with. It was a fun item, it served its use, and it was time to put it to rest. To...
  28. DarkestLink

    Link's Awakening Switch Do you like the create a dungeon feature on LA for Switch?

    I've heard you can't share them online? If true, then the feature sounds completely and utterly pointless.
  29. DarkestLink

    A BotW Trilogy?

    Don't want it. The story is shallow and hardly demanding of a trilogy. There are plenty of other titles more suited for sequels.
  30. DarkestLink

    Breath of the Wild Did anyone else hate the voice acting?

    Welcome to the party, late comer. And yes, it was bad, but I can't say I'm disapointed. This is Nintendo, after all, and their track record for VA has never been favorable, so I can't fathom why people thought they were going to step it up with a series like Zelda that has never had much story...
  31. DarkestLink

    Are you expecting more or less from BotW2?

    I'm not expecting it to be anywhere as good as past Zeldas since the Zelda Team is no longer involved, but I am hoping it's better than BOTW.
  32. DarkestLink

    VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 361!

    It's a mixed bag. On one hand, losing traditional Zelda is very....bitter. On the other hand, it looks like they've finally found direction at least. Even if it's bad direction, it's better than running around in circles with the grace of a tranquilized animal, never making progress, and...
  33. DarkestLink

    Would you rather see Skyward Sword, Wind Waker, or Twilight Princess brought to Switch?

    TP. SS wouldn't work without the Wii remote. tWW got a proper HD release. TP's was just...a lazy port. It needs a proper remaster with Tech Demo level graphics.
  34. DarkestLink

    Has anyone else noticed this detail in the trailer?

    Maybe not, but it can't be that long, the two of them don't look at all older. Maybe two years at most have passed.
  35. DarkestLink

    Has anyone else noticed this detail in the trailer?

    They likely retracted, but I agree that time travel is a possibility too...mainly because that's the only way they could try to reinvent the world in such a small time gap. It's not like you're going to be seeing a bunch of new towns in a year or so....or that the calamity ever stopped them from...
  36. DarkestLink

    Inevitable BotW2 backlash?

    To me that heavily implies they aren't trying anything new. Because from what I've seen the more gimmicks and foreign concepts a game has, the longer it'll take to make. I mean TP took...2-3 years? And one of those was just porting it to the Wii. So about 2 years. SS took 5. TP, whether you like...
  37. DarkestLink

    Inevitable BotW2 backlash?

    To be honest, you don't even seem to know what you said. You look like you're stalling for time to explain it.
  38. DarkestLink

    Inevitable BotW2 backlash?

    Obligatory response while you stall for time to figure out what your argument is or how you can get out of implying that the "feeling" of exploration is more important than the actual exploration itself and the fun having it.
  39. DarkestLink

    Inevitable BotW2 backlash?

    And yet plenty of games on the NES and SNES that even OoT dwarfs in size are plenty fun to explore. Using another 3D Zelda game as an example, Majora's Mask is fun to explore. Not in spite of the small world, but because of the small world and how easy it was to find unique and interesting...
  40. DarkestLink

    How Can Reusing the Same Hyrule Feel Fresh?

    They don't need to add new areas. They need to make the current areas more distinct. Compare Death Mountain to a snowy mountain. They're exactly the same as far as gameplay goes, the only difference is replacing a fire aesthetic with an ice aesthetic. Re-using content over and over doesn't help.
  41. DarkestLink

    Inevitable BotW2 backlash?

    Because it's not in the ballpark of its competitors. It's much closer to a 7th Gen system, same as the Wii U. You don't need to add busywork to fill a world. Really, filling a world shouldn't even be a problem with proper world building. The problem with BOTW is that they clearly made the...
  42. DarkestLink

    Inevitable BotW2 backlash?

    Then it's empty. That's what empty means. If you put a cup's worth of water in a cup, you have a full cup. If you put a cup's worth of water in a gallon jug, you have an empty jug. The amount of content is irrelevant. The amount of content merely determines whether a game is big or small, not...
  43. DarkestLink

    Inevitable BotW2 backlash?

    Witcher 3's world is far from full...
  44. DarkestLink

    Inevitable BotW2 backlash?

    Very disapointed. BOTW had the worst overworld I have ever seen. Even with all this extra time, I have no faith that Nintendo can adequately fill it up. Really, I don't think anyone could, especially with how underpowered the Switch is, but Aonuma hardly has a good track record when it comes to...
  45. DarkestLink

    When will we see BotW2 again?

    After 14 delays.
  46. DarkestLink

    (Opinion) What size should a world be in a Zelda game?

    Big enough to hold the content. Definitely not more. Generally speaking, I'd say that size is generally around the size of MM's overworld. TP's is the absolutely largest that can be justified, which isn't to say TP itself needed that huge of a world.
  47. DarkestLink

    Zelda Switch confirmed to be BotW direct sequel; are you happy about that?

    It's bittersweet. On one hand, this more or less confirms, to me, that there will be no return to the Zelda formula. No more dungeons, no more item progression. And since Aonuma removed that team that handled that, I doubt they could anymore. On the other hand, maybe they can make a decent Open...
  48. DarkestLink

    Zelda Switch is a Breath of the Wild Sequel with a darker tone. What's your first impressions?

    I don't know why people are expecting more lore this time around. The original BOTW trailer looked like it was a movie trailer, not a game trailer, and it was still bare bones in story/lore, even compared to other Zelda titles.
  49. DarkestLink

    Breath of the Wild Did you appreciate the diversity of BotW's towers?

    I'll admit it is preferable to feeding the fish, but frankly, I think all of these methods are bad. Why not just start the player out with the map since it's useless without landmarks anyway? Or have the player fill in the map themselves...by actually exploring.
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