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    Team Edward, Team Jacob, or Team Potter?! O.o

    Team Edward......Elric.
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    Naruto Uzumaki Vs. Ichigo Kurosaki

    What point in the Bleach anime/manga are we talking about? Does Ichigo have access to Fullbring, or Vasto Lorde form? Has he learned and used Mugetsu (Final Zangetsu form) and defeated the traitorous Aizen?
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    Zabuza Momochi VS Ichigo Kurosaki

    Depends. Is Ichigo fighting to protect? If he is, he will win. Afterall, he has his Resolve.
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    Who's Your Favorite Sci-Fi Action Hero.

    The Doctor. Who else?
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    Any AE Gamers Out There?

    I play DragonFable. Imma DragonLord Warrior. My ID is 27471029. I just love all the puns in their games. Trey Surehunter. heheh.
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    Godville: a Funny ZPG

    I play it. My god's my is MySavoiur. There is also an app for it on iTunes. And it is on Facebook.
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    Did Anyone Pre-order ACIII (Assassins Creed 3)

    I pre-ordered the Freedom Edition for PC.
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    What Gaming Console/Handheld Do You Own?

    PC DS Lite 3DS Wii iPod Touch 4th Gen
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    Demise's Workout Schedule

    Run over by a steamroller. Nice one. I can just picture that. And TwilightDeku:very clever. I like the way you put it. Anyway, I'm pretty sure that Demise's workout schedule would be at this level or higher: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LhMFt10JYKo
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    If You Could Automatically Learn Eight Languages, What Would They Be and Why?

    Japanese - So I can watch anime that is not dubbed and not have to give it 100% of my attention to read the subtitles. Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic - so I can read the Bible in it's original languages (so many verses in the English Bibles do not have their original meaning as some phrases/words...
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    You know when You buy something, but don't use It?

    Who was the author of the book? I'm just "curious". Hehehe. But yes, I have done this before - I bought a denim jacket for about $90 at a time when I was unemployed but only wore it twice. Now it's too small for me.
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    Physical Books Versus E-Books

    I agree with you. Reading a regular book is seeing it wear out means that it is well loved. I am sort of torn between hard copies and electronic copies. I always get satifaction when I can see how far through a thick book by seeing where my bookmark is poking out. But then with ipod or Kindle, I...
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    Favorite Movie

    The Princess Bride. "You mean you wish to surrender to me? Very well, I accept." And Robin Hood Men In Tights, A Knight's Tale, the Bleach movies, and Ironmar 1 and 2.
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    What's Your Ethnicity(s) ?

    Australian. Part English, Scottish, Irish, Latvian and I don't know what else.
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    Too Old to Play Zelda?

    One is never too old to stop playing. Let alone a Zelda game. You don't stop playing because you grow old, you grow old because you stop playing.
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    What Would Your "Death Good"?

    My Bible. Or a fairy in a bottle. You know what I mean.
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    Cartoon / Anime / Video Game Crushes

    I am totally with you on that one. And Altaïr Ibn La'Ahad. And Link.
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    Flavors of Potions

    Same here. Very creative post Shadsie.
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    Biggest Badass in the Legend of Zelda

    Tingle is definitely badass: (skip to 5:49) The G-Files: Zelda - YouTube But so is Demise and Girahim.
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    Best Transformation

    Link's transformation from innocent young 'un to Hero. Oh, and Wolf Link. I can't say Fierce Deity at this point as I haven't played past the 2nd dungeon in MM (my neighbour's N64 that I was borrowing gave out on me and I haven't have an opportunity to play MM since).
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    Do You Want Another Game with Epona?

    I want Epona back too. I loved fighting from horseback in TP.
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    General Zelda Favorite Zelda Character

    Midna. Hands down.
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    May Giveaway Contest: Most Anticipated Game of 2012

    That's easy. Assassins Creed 3.
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    Link or Kirby?

    Link. Easily.
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    Poll: Favorite Minor Character

    Scrapper. "Master Shortpants" hehehe.
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    Do You Play Any Insturments?

    I'm teaching myself to play my STL 12 hole Tenor Ocarina (of Time).
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    What Would You Call Your Child?

    Boy: Martin Matthias Deyna Girl: Mhera Hylia
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    Favorite Non-Zelda Video Game?

    Assassins Creed series.
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    What Zelda Game Are You Playing at the Moment,and What Are You Doing in It Right Now?

    Skyward Sword Hero mode - stuck on the boss battle with Girahim in Skyview Temple. OoT3D - Shadow Temple boss Bongo-Bongo
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    Which Town/Village In Zelda Is Your Favourite?

    Outset Island from WW. I love the music. And the elixir soup. And Skyloft from SS - I love just leaping off the edge and calling my loftwing. Oh, and the most diabolical enemy in the series - the remlits.
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    Warrior, Rogue, or Mage?

    Warrior. I've always loved the warrior class. Martin the Warrior, Badger Lords, Long Patrol all from Redwall by Brian Jacques. And then there's Link. Nuff said. Rogue, for me is runner up. Gonff the Prince of Mousethieves from Redwall. And Altair Ibn la Ahad and Ezio Auditore.
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    Good Online Rpg or Games

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    Latest Video Game Purchase

    Legend of the Guardians for $8
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    What Game(s) Are You Playing at the Moment?

    SS Hero mode OoT3D Dragon Quest IX Legend of the Guardians
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    What OS Do You Use?

    Windows 7
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    What Other Zelda Merchandise Do You Own Besides Games?

    STL 12 hole Tenor Ocarina of Time. Nintendo Club posters GlobalGear Steel Master Sword replica.
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    Spoiler How Long Did It Take You...?

    Using the shield-bash-sword-slash method. 4 tries only because I hadn't used my shield much for a while and was out of practice ( I tended to "go in guns blazing"). Didn't use Skyward Strike at all.
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    Spoiler Final Battle Tip/What's Your Method?

    Now I wanna play the whole game again just to try it.
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    Does Anyone Here Speak More Than One Language?

    English and Sparra (from the Redwall series by Brian Jacques)
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    Harry Potter Fans: if You Had a Patronus, What Would It Be?

    Wolf. Or a berserker badger or otter for the Redwall series by Brian Jaques
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    Whats Your Favorite Type of Music?

    Christian worship
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    Book and Movie Quotes.

    Inconceivable! - Princess Bride Very well, I accept. - Robin Hood: Men in Tights To tell you the truth: I was aiming for the hangman. - Men in Tights
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    Worst Movie You've Ever Seen in Your Life?

    Kingdom of Gladiators
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    Which Song Do You Currently Have Stuck in Your Head?

    For All You've Done by Hillsong.
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    DBZ Abridged- What Do You Think?

    I love TFS DBZ abridged. It's hilarious. I also love Takahata101's Hellsing Ultimate Abridged. "B****es love cannons."
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    Tetraforce (kinda): Hylia

    If Zelda is "above" Link and Ganon, it's not because she has the Triforce of Wisdom, but because she is a reincarnation of Hylia. Interesting theory. Very deep. Nice. I like it.
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    Goddess of Time

    Goddess of Time. hmmm. Hylia? Maybe.
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