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  1. Shiek

    Funny or Memorable IM or Shoutbox Conversations.

    Very funny 2 zelda free joke i like it. Where can I join IRC to experience these moments for myself on the internetchat? Sory
  2. Shiek

    Hey Are There Any Proper Forum Section Where I Can Have Regular Threads of My Games ?

    Yes sure after all this is the dungeon of the zelda but where is the ganon I'm sure hes also in the dungeon and thats very cocky i think I'm tired of seeing this very interesting but also very strange.
  3. Shiek

    Has Science Gone Too Far?

    Hm i don't know what dipthongs are but I'm pretty sure they are very scientific. That's why I think science has goone to far. ;)
  4. Shiek

    Hyrule Warriors Adventure Mode: Tips, Tricks and Help.

    weöö I'm so glad I'm in the game thats like the only reason I got the game too bad I have to unlcocked. So what if Mario was in the game? I think that would be really interesting like mario kart has link in a dlc that was also really weird but now that i think about it actually nevermind...
  5. Shiek

    Has Science Gone Too Far?

    Or not far enough?
  6. Shiek

    What Is The Last Video You Viewed?

    Well the last things i have watched on the tube was something that has to do about zelda and thats why I joined this forum, makes sense very sensitive.
  7. Shiek

    The Road to OR/AS Tournament (Doubles)

    Hm I prefer Smash Bros over oras
  8. Shiek

    Breath of the Wild Lots of Discussion is Going on but E3 Did Not Really Show Much

    Question? So why is there so much hatred going on even if the game hasnt really been shown yet. thanks for listening :)
  9. Shiek

    Did Link Find Navi Again?

    Very informative! Thanks for sharing.
  10. Shiek

    Your Opinion on the Platforming Genre

    platforming is like my speciality but obviously zelda is not a platformer except zelda 2 what if zelda was a platformer like the 3d mario games that would be really interesting.
  11. Shiek

    General Zelda Which Link Faced the Hardest Quest?

    Ouch i'd say oracle of the seasons has the hardest into it. Because there are very holy difficult bossfights in that game.
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