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  1. ocarinaofnaptime

    Skyward Sword- Why Do People Hate It So?

    Have you ever been the new guy in school? Do you know the feeling? That feeling of being ostracized because "YOU'RE NEW," of course. Remember those times when those people in you class did those things SO MANY YEARS AGO? Nope. Were you there when Mike choked on his milk and it came out of his...
  2. ocarinaofnaptime

    What Upcoming Game Are You Most Excited For?

    Well... I dunno quite when this sucker is going to come out, but I'm stoked for the Final Fantasy VII remake. I lost my it when I saw the E3 trailer. I know a lot of people out there think Square's just going to mess this one up, but honestly, I'm optimistic about it! As long as they don't leave...
  3. ocarinaofnaptime

    Latest Video Game Purchase

    Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy XIII via Steam. I'll be pretty busy :crisis:
  4. ocarinaofnaptime

    What Game(s) Are You Playing at the Moment?

    Final Fantasy VIII Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance Ōkami Replaying Skyward Sword
  5. ocarinaofnaptime

    What moment will you always remember during a playthrough of the Zelda games?

    Personally, the ending of Skyward Sword really resonated with me. Fi's parting was a real tear-jerker, and I don't think I really realized how much I liked her until that point.
  6. ocarinaofnaptime

    Favorite/Least Favorite Dungeons

    TOP 10 BEST 1. Arbiters Grounds (TP) 2. Ancient Cistern (SS) 3. Forest Temple (OoT) 4. Sky Keep (SS) 5. Palace of Twilight (TP) 6. Stone Tower Temple (MM) 7. Dragon Roost Island (WW) 8. Snowpeak Ruins (TP) 9. Fire Sanctuary (SS) 10. Goron Mines (ALTTP) TOP 10 WORST 1. Lakebed Temple (TP) 2...
  7. ocarinaofnaptime

    Ears and Link's hometown in TP

    Good point. But the people in Kakariko plus Ashei and her father have rounded ears as well.
  8. ocarinaofnaptime

    Ears and Link's hometown in TP

    Still, 100 years is a pretty short time for one couple to populate two towns and many more others.
  9. ocarinaofnaptime

    Ears and Link's hometown in TP

    Hello! Link has pointed ears. Of course! It's his trademark. So, obviously he has them in TP. As you know, TP is set 100 years after Ocarina of Time. And, in OoT, all humans had pointed Hylian ears. However, as we skip 100 years into the future, it seems that the only people with pointy ears are...
  10. ocarinaofnaptime

    Favorite/Least Favorite Zelda Games

    5 BEST 1. A Link to the Past- This game laid the foundation for the series, and is, despite what people say about OoT taking the title, the most influential game in the series. The basis of ALTTP defines the games that came after it. Travel between two worlds (light/dark, land/water...
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