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  1. Gitch

    What's Your Favorite Resident Evil Title, and Why?

    When I think of Resident Evil as a franchise I always picture the hallway with the boarded up windows in RE2. That suggests that 2 is my favourite as it's made that lasting impression on me. Saying that, I adored both 4 and Revelations so it's a tough call. 4 for the different approach and...
  2. Gitch

    Which Book Are You Currently Reading?

    I'm re-reading my two favourite books. Under The Skin by Michel Faber, soon to be a movie with Scarlet Johannsen in the lead role and The Good Faries of New York by Martin Millar, it's just a funny read about Scottish fairies in New York.
  3. Gitch

    Favorite Level/Moment in Any Video Game

    I have a few. The one above from the first Resident Evil is definitely amongst them. The first time you saw a T-Rex in the first Tomb Raider was amazing to me at the time. Finally completing Sonic The Hedgehog on the Master System was a good memory. The cutscenes in Final Fantasy VII were...
  4. Gitch

    Latest Video Game Purchase

    I'm currently downloading Resident Evil 5 on my Xbox. I've completed it a few times after borrowing it off of a friend but I've convinced my wife to play it co-op with me while we wait for 6 to come out.
  5. Gitch

    Ocarina of Time Water Temple...

    I can only echo what other people have said and advise to try to remember exactly where you have been. Look for things that might not be possible to use/do on a first time in a room and remember those for later. I really enjoyed the temple on my first play through all those years ago. It had...
  6. Gitch

    Wii Game Recommendations

    Fragile Dreams - Farewell Ruins of the Moon is decent. Silent Hill - shattered Memories also ok. Little Kings Story is fantastic if you like pikmin. Pandoras Tower is also really good. I bought and played Madworld and I'm not a fan. Much prefer the 2 No More Heroes games.
  7. Gitch

    Gaming Confessions

    I buy so many games that I rarely finish any of them. This year alone I have only completed Skyward Sword, and that was on my second play through as I bought it at release, played it to near enough the end, then started something else. I've got a bad habit of playing a game to almost its...
  8. Gitch

    What Game(s) Are You Playing at the Moment?

    I've got a few on the go just now. Dead Space 2, Xenoblade Chronicles (my second play through), Dragon Quest ix (again) and NSMB 2. I'm at very different stages of each and have been at Xenoblade and DQ for a while now as they're both just the ones I go to when I'm a wee bit bored with...
  9. Gitch

    The First Game You Ever Completed

    Would be either Alex Kidd or Sonic on the master system for me, can't remember which one was first. I had an Atari console when I was wee but it was almost impossible to complete games like centipede or asteroids.
  10. Gitch

    "Worst" Nintendo Console?

    I voted NES but only because I was a sega fanboy at the time. Can't believe the hate for the wii. There're a few great games on it including: Fragile Dreams Murasame No More Heros Okami (I know it's a port) Resident Evil 4 (also a port but better) The Mario Galaxy games The Zelda...
  11. Gitch

    What's Your Favorite Zelda Game?

    It was always OoT for me, until recently. My first Zelda experience was OoT as I was a sega fanboy back in the day. I've now gone on to play every Zelda (except the Cdi ones). I've realised that I actually prefer Twilight Princess. When I think of Zelda now I always imagine the style of...
  12. Gitch

    Links Awakening...

    I'm playing LA just now and it's really really good fun. It's not that hard and I'm finding difficult to get the time to play it but when I do I'm immersed in the world and the storyline. There are some good mechanics in the game, especially being able to jump for once. I'm just gutted that...
  13. Gitch

    Eye Door + Sword Circle = Stupid

    I was a little annoyed when I saw it in the trailer as it's the type of thing that'd get me stuck. I'd probably be firing arrows at the thing for ages until I noticed it moved :lol: Now I know what to do. I hope though that it's one change of many to the gameplay. I've been envisaging a Zack...
  14. Gitch

    Nintendo Says the Final Released Version is Going to Look Considerably Better.

    Thanks for the confirmation Ryan. I'd sort of guessed the graphics were not finished but after reading a lot of posts on here wasn't sure anymore so the info's much appreciated. I honestly think this game is going to be a masterpeice now. I'm loving the style of it as my only gripe with TP...
  15. Gitch

    Ganon's Role in SS??

    Do we know how long before OoT SS takes place? I know it's before as they have said but how long? I'm thinking it could be 100 years before and if you remember it was said in OoT that Gannondorf was the first Gerudo male born in 100 years. What if this is the story of the Gerudo male before...
  16. Gitch

    What is Better, Links Awakening, or the Oracles?

    Sorry Cuccomaster. I didn't realise I was hijacking your post. I did have a look around to check I wasn't duplicating. Obviously not enough so apologies. The replies to both the threads are really helpfull. I'm still on the level 3 dungeon on LA and so far it's been really great fun to...
  17. Gitch

    Skyward Sword Difficulty

    I hope it is and by the way the controls scheme is being pushed I really hope that they find inventive ways to use the remote for the puzzles as well as concentrating on the action aspect. I don't just mean things like drawing symbols on doors etc like in the handheld.
  18. Gitch


    I'd like to see a new ubervillan. Someone/thing that's even eviler than Ganon and sets the tone for the next few games. What I do worry about is that they try to introduce the concept of multiple Ganons in each generation like they've done with Link and Zelda but there's no basis for that...
  19. Gitch

    Which Character Would You Wish to Be Out of the Zelda Series (besides Link)

    I'd be biggoron. It'd be great to just lie around chilling all day in the cave, buttering rock scones with my knife.
  20. Gitch

    What Zelda Games Have You Beaten, Have Played, or Are Playing?

    I've completed: Legend of Zelda, A Link to the Past, Ocarina of Time, Wind Waker, Minish Cap, Twilight Princess, Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks. I've played the rest but most of them only for half an hour or so to see what they're like. Just started Links Awakening. It seems as if...
  21. Gitch

    What is Better, Links Awakening, or the Oracles?

    Links Awakening Vs The Oracle Games Hi folks I've just got me a GBC and the 3 Zelda games for it. :) I've started Links Awakening and so far it looks like it's going to be really really good. I've had a little look at the Oracle games and they also look as if they could be a lot of fun...
  22. Gitch

    Favorite Feature

    I think Durion nailed it for me in his post. I'm most excited about the control system. Having to angle the sword in response to the enemies defence has got me a wee bit happy. While I did like the other games strategy of just hack hack hacking away until the monster's dead this looks more...
  23. Gitch

    Which Species/ Character(s) Do You Think You Resemble the Most?

    If I was female I'd probably look a bit like Midna. Pasty/gray faced, dark eyes. Sad looking but mischevious. Personality wise, definitely a goron. Lazy, chilled out, likes to lie around in a warm bath.
  24. Gitch

    What We Saw at E3

    I loved the look of the game. It seems to have the realism of OoT/TP but the bright colours of WW. Who knows, it may have some bright parts and some really dark areas to satisfy everyone. The gameplay looked typical Zelda but with a new twist in the Motionplus add ons. The items we've seen...
  25. Gitch

    Favorite Handheld Zelda Game?

    Minish Cap for me. I fully enjoyed the whole experience of it and loved the idea that it wasn't your usual run of the mill Zelda game. I really really enjoyed PH as well, much more so that ST.
  26. Gitch

    Graphics of Skyward Sword

    Personally the style can be whatever Nintendo wish it to be. For me the Zelda games have always been and always will be about gameplay. I was lucky enough to be introduced to the series right at the start of the 3D games so have mostly played the games with the better graphics. However, I...
  27. Gitch

    Graphic Requests

    Hi there. Could someone please please make me both an avatar and a sig that is Goron based. I'm not too fussy about which game they're from but the more lazy/chilled looking the better. Edit: Thanks to OotLord1003.
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